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TheEquestrianAthleteCoach 05-18-2011 04:09 AM

Want To Improve Your Seat?

Here's an article I wrote for my Equestrian Athletes that I thought you may find interesting and links in nicely with the information I gave you yesterday on which foods you should eat to reduce back pain and the videos I made for you of the core exercises that are working really well for my equestrian athletes.

Here you go...

How Cauliflower, Broccoli and LESS sit ups will give you a better Seat and a Flatter Stomach!

Sit Ups and Pelvic Tilt

Time and Time again the sit up for abs horror story jumps up in front of me! Here’s something you may find interesting. All Equestrian Athletes strive for a better posture and more impulsion, and most a flatter stomach. So they set off on their journey to get this great core by increasing the number of sit ups they are doing. What they are doing is pulling themselves forward and worsening their seat, making their horse less balanced and making that little bulge bigger .


Well, every time you do a sit up (traditional sit up) you activate your hip flexors. These are the muscles that pull the upper thigh closer to the body. Now there’s nothing wrong with training these muscles to do exactly that, but when it comes to training the abdominal muscles for improved posture, function and flatter stomach there’s far more effective exercises.

The pull of tighter, over active(facilitated) hip flexors (as a result of too many sit ups) results in a pull forward of the pelvis, almost like you are emptying the contents of your torso onto the floor as if you were emptying the bucket of water you washed your car with. This in turn means that now your Gluteals (Bum) become underactive (inhibited). This is a big problem for fat loss because these are a big muscle group that require lots of energy to perform many whole body exercises. If they aren’t’ working then you are reducing the quality and ‘bang for your buck’ that you get from your training.

continued on.....


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