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lopinlowandslow 05-18-2011 05:22 PM

Western Pleasure Riding Instructors In WI, and some extra questions
Hello, I am looking for a new riding instructor in the South East Wisconsin area. I was wondering if anyone has heard/had experience with Jim Ranthum and/or Dana Panella? Jim is closer to me and I have seen him work, but Dana is on the AQHA list of trainers and has been suggested to me by a few people on a different forum.

If I <eventually> want to show AQHA would it be better to go with a trainer that is "registered" as a trainer with the AQHA or one that just shows AQHA? (actually I believe Jim now does Appy showing)

What's the difference between AQHA, APHA/AptHA (?), and the Appy association showing, if any?

And until I find a new trainer...what are the cues that you use for WP? Both of my boys were trained to speed up with bumps/squeeze of both calf muscles, slow down by squeezing the thighs, stop by sitting deep, picking up the reins slightly, and moving the legs forward just a smidge and squeezing throughout the whole leg, they lower their heads with a slight pick-up of the reins and a little squeeze with the heel and sitting deep in the saddle(supposed to be like "lifting the horse up"). The reason I ask is because I want to make sure I'm doing this right (I'm starting to doubt my current trainer's abilities a little)

Sorry for the long, ramble-y post :oops:

raywonk 05-22-2011 10:49 PM

There are hundreds of different ways to cue them. Sorry to say that. Every trainer has a little different way of doing it. I personally think this is so you have to get help form how ever you buy your horse from. But the basics are the same the horse moves off of pressure. Appy and APHA are very much like AQHA I know several trainers that show in all three. Now I do suggest if you are going to show AQHA make sure who ever you chose has other students going to the same show circuit as you. It will help cut the coast some. If you and your trainer go alone it can get very costly.
Dana has a nice indoor dose the other one have and indoor. There are several you tube video of her giving clinics. I like that you get to hear her teach before you ever take a lesson.
Have you been to both barns. I have learned one thing in this world and that is if they have high quality stock in their barn they usually know what they are doing. Yes it dose take time to build a rep so you bring in the good stock but I would rather learn from someone already having the quality horses in their barn.

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