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HorseLuva15 05-07-2008 05:53 PM

Excited Horse When Jumping @ a small show
Ok, so I have started to lease a 18yrold thoroughbred. We have only attended one jumping show, which was our barn "jumping day". We did a 2 ft round and to say the least he was ballestic. Let's just say we jumped a line that was suppose to be 5 strides, we jumped it in three!! Waaay to fast! So, we are doing the exact same thing this Sunday. I am expecting him to be just as excited, how can I keep him calm and relaxed and in a nice and steady canter?? I find that sitting up tall and singing row row row yoru boat helps...As well, when I half halt, he sticks his head up in the air and my coach told me it looks like I am ski diving, how do i NOT look like that, but half halt.

Any help?? THanks!!

JustDressageIt 05-07-2008 06:53 PM

As replied in your other thread in Jumping:
Can you do some training rounds?Here are a few suggestions:
-Circles help a ton. Do a jump, then circle, and keep circling until he calms down (this may take a while, but stick with it).
- Switch things up; if you have a line, take the first jump, then turn him off course and go do another jump instead of the jump he thought you were going to do - keep him guessing, not so sure of "okay well there's a line, I can rush through the fences"
- Set up a line, then take the first jump, then if he rushes, put on the brakes between the fences. Make him back up, then do a turn on the forehand or haunches, and head back over the first jump, and jump it backwards (make sure you don't have a ground rail just on one side) and stop him again, back up, turn on haunches or forehand, then take the first jump again. Keep repeating this until he's not anticipating going to the next jump, then you can allow him to go and jump the next jump in the line.

I hope these exercises help!

Oh, and as for the half-halt, remember that the half-halt is only to be used for one beat of a stride, DO NOT keep pulling! If you start up a game of tug-of-war with your horse, he is going to win. Break up steady contact by sitting deep into your saddle and checking and giving.

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