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JamieLeighx 05-20-2011 05:26 PM

Dealer and I are improving :D Bit of an essay
after working with him for a few days , i think we are improving. Nothing major at all but were getting there :)
I have basically been working on transitions , my heels and his rushing into jumps.
He was doing well , today was a bit of an off day. He was listening to me and was going well , until we went on to jumping . I circled him before the jumps which worked for a while , we were trotting into it when he rushed the last few strides and unexpectedly tripped when I was in jumping position and nearly bust my chin , the best thing was i didnt lose my stirrups or fall off.
I put my stirrups up 2 holes and it worked wonders! better balance , more control and I didnt have to even think about keeping my heels down it just came naturally.
As for my canter which was terrible, I took everyones advice . Someone said to pretend to polish the seat with your bum , lean back and sit deap and I must say it went so much better. I didnt bounce all over the place.

As for the height of the jumps I find that if I tell myself
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JamieLeighx 05-20-2011 05:31 PM

That they are tiny (which they are!) and measure it up to something in my house so i can say ''oh .its only the height of...''

and my heels dont swing half as much!
sorry , I had to share. Feel free to post your progress too!
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