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Hidalgo13 05-20-2011 10:51 PM

Tricks and secrets to find nice, but cheap showing clothes.
Well I intend to show next summer and I want to slowly collect some equipment so I don't have 5 billion dollars in expenses all at once! :-|

There is a second hand place in my area that sells show clothes, and they are in very good shape (sometimes practically new) but the brands are super expensive so even if you're saving 100-200$, your still paying 150 or more.

The only good cheaper stuff they have is in kid sizes. :cry:

So how do you find and WHERE do you find those juicy give away deals. :wink:
I live in the city and there aren't any riding equipment outlets or "entrepots".
I do have an equestrian factory outlet close-ish to my place but are there any good deals there? I don't want to drive out that far for nothing you know. :-|

countercanter 05-21-2011 10:01 AM

eBay is my best friend for horse supplies. I got my hunt coat off eBay, it was originally almost $400 and I got it for $100 and the shipping was free. Also keep checking the clearance sections on sites like

The only way to find great deals is to constantly keep an eye out for them every place you visit.

upnover 05-21-2011 11:16 AM

Exactly what countercanter said!! Ebay is my best friend. :) I have found spectacular deals there. $120 Essex show shirt for $12 was one of my favorites... I like to check out Dover's clearance section regularly as well. I would suggest going out and trying on a bunch of things to figure out what size and what brand fit you best. Then keeping an eye out for those specific items. That way you won't be stuck with things that don't well. I pretty much never buy anything full price anymore.

One thing about Dover though are their high shipping prices. What you save on sales items you make up for in shipping. :( Don't know how old you are but I have a Dover credit card and get a flat $5 shipping on everything.

Hidalgo13 05-21-2011 04:02 PM

I'm 16, almost 17, so no, no credit card pour moi. :(

We're going to Maine this summer and my parents promised me they would drive a little more down south so I can go to the Dover in NH. I'm praying I'll find a bunch of deals in their "basement, clearance place". Even if I find nothing I plan to try on EVERYTHING (since they have almost everything) and noting down what size I take in each model and company...


eBay is my best friend for horse supplies.

Ya I was thinking of ebay, but my mom hates buying things online (unless it's an actual store). And I have to use her card sooo...
I guess I'll just have to use my somewhat efficient, convincing powers if ever I find something.

trynottofall 05-22-2011 05:21 PM

you really should go to dover, that sounds like it would be awesome. Also, in their catalog they have really good closeout deals. I know I just got sent a show coat for 85 that was normally 400 (it was the one on the cover with brand new dover credit card plus 10 dollars off)

Secondhand stuff it great. I know some people at my barn who spend a gazillion on everything put their stuff up for sale at the barn. Someone always ends up taking it.

Good luck!

luv2ridesaddleseat 05-25-2011 07:52 PM

Hilelgo13, you should go to Double G tack in Lebanon, ME! It's my home away from home! I would go there long before Dover! I live in the area and can go to either one when ever I want. Double G is my choice for sure! Here is their website. Double G Ranch They also sell consignment stuff, which I buy all the time!

Hidalgo13 05-25-2011 09:38 PM

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! :) It's much closer so that's good! :)

I checked the website and HOLY MOLY! They have everything! :shock: And in large masses too! So... does that mean that almost everything, or a large part is reduced because they buy in bulk??

I can only choose one of these stores, since they are both far apart and we're only going for 6 days, so we can't spend a whole day going to tack shops. So if Double G ranch has more sales/deals, I'll definitely be going!

All I want is to find suede half chaps that cost between 20-40$... or less :wink:. And maybe some riding tights for summer riding (get's soo hot) and show breeches. I dream of buying those for 10-20 bucks each, but that's hard to find unless you go to an entrepot. Oh and show shirts if they are practically giving them away. (I don't' show yet but I plan to next summer, so I'm stocking up! :D)

Also I read up what consignment stuff was (I didn't know :oops:) and... it says it's a merchandise that only get's payed for to the suppliers ,once the store has sold it. Does that make it cheaper??

Oh, one last question :-|, I went to the close out page of the website and it says everything is reduced to 50%. My kind of place, but what do they mostly have in that section? Is it usually mostly things like saddles, bridles, blankets and hats? Or do they have also usually have a fair amount of grooming supplies, riding equipment and riding clothes?

Thanks so much for showing me this store. I will most probably go there but I just want to be sure of everything! :D

IslandWave 05-25-2011 10:50 PM

I will second eBay. Bought all of my show clothes from there (as well as hand-me-downs). I also just bought some Ariat half chaps that are $90 new, but they are lightly used and I got them for $30.

Hidalgo13 05-26-2011 05:51 PM

I checked ebay and I might not be looking hard enough, but I can't find much. :/ I'll keep looking, but even when I know my size, I like to try things on.

VelvetsAB 05-26-2011 05:58 PM

What size are you Hidalgo?

I'll do an ebay search and see what I can find for you. :)

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