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lilruffian 05-21-2011 09:01 PM

Bella and I :D
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Took Bella out again because it was such a nice day. I've been working with her a couple of days a week on her turning & she is improving.
Just thought i'd share some pictures of us riding english today (finally had someone around to take pictures!)

Getting ready...
Attachment 64587
Attachment 64588
Say "Cheese"!:D
Attachment 64590
On the Go down the road..
Attachment 64591
Turning nice
Attachment 64592
Playing on the tarp
Attachment 64593
"Back-Up Bella"
Attachment 64594

Indigosblue 05-21-2011 10:42 PM

she's so adorable!!!! I love the first pic! How tall is she?

equiniphile 05-21-2011 11:25 PM

She is beautiful! I love that neck of hers; so thick.

Wild Heart 05-21-2011 11:46 PM

She is so stunning, I just love her "bangs", they're so fluffy!

lilruffian 05-22-2011 12:17 PM

Yes she's got alot of hair! lol It would be so much worse if i didnt cut her mane too ;P
Indigosblue, she's 14 hh though she looks bigger when there's nobody standing beside her because of her size

AngieLee 05-22-2011 01:13 PM

she's so cute! and pink suits her! hmmm i wonder what my boy would do it i walked him over a tarp... think that might be an experiment to try this summer lol

Indigosblue 05-22-2011 10:48 PM

yeah, she does look taller than that, although i wouldn't put her in the horse-sized category. Is she a slow or fast mover? I used to own a QH-Fjord cross that was a super fast she was 14' sorta a horse =P

lilruffian 05-23-2011 04:16 PM

Well it's funny because Fjords are technically a pony breed (they very rarely grow over 14.2hh), but since they've grown in popularity over the past several years & because of their body mass the registries have started declaring them horses. I still call them ponies, though. They have the same basic look & personality (stubborn, gluttonous and can practically live off of dirt!) They also have a very rough trot & aren't typically fond of running.
Fjord's i've found are infact quite slow runners, though if you can get them motivated they try hard & give their all. I love them :D

Indigosblue 05-23-2011 11:59 PM

lol, i guess my gal inherited some QH movement then, cuz she was faster than any 16h horse at our barn! She had the most wonderful gaits that were full of action, so i guess that wasn't normal... she was rather round though....I have to agree on the pony thing though, their whole conformation and temperament is pony-like. They can carry adult riders though, which is why i figure people call them horses. i miss my girl so much =[ o well, just enjoy your wonderful pony =]

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