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fuadteagan 05-23-2011 09:35 AM

Wanted--An off-farm lease!
I really want to convince my parents to let me lease. I think it will really help me learn about horses. I would like to see a cheap-ish off-farm lease or a farm close to New Tripoli, PA so I would be able to get lessons from MY trainer and also trailer to shows with my lease horse. It would be a hunter horse that is at least schooled at 2' cross-rails. But, if there is not any horses like this in PA or anything. I will exercise horses and such for money to hopefully, lease a hunter I have my eye on. School is out in about 3 weeks so I can start working probably then. :-| Hope someone can help me :wink:.

MyLittleHunter 05-23-2011 05:15 PM

Before you even start looking into leasing you should make sure you have your parents complete ok. After all they do have control over you until you're 18. lol

Off-farm leases can be very difficult to find as you have seen for your self. Mainly because during an off-farm lease a horse can pick up nasty habits or even be ruined, and no good owner wants that. Most responsible owners want what's best for their horse and want to be able to keep an eye on said horse.

Also, the only cases of off-farm leases I've had experience with required the lessee to use the owner's trainer, vet, and farrier so that the horse would be taken care of to the owner's standard. Plus, I don't know of anyone who would let a trainer they don't know or trust do anything with their horse. I know I wouldn't. I love my boys too much to take a chance with a stranger.

I thought you were able to use you trainer's horse Secret, and that was basically like you owned her? A new horse won't be a miracle solution to any issue you have with Secret. In horse riding 98.5%(if not more) of issues are rider error, and are transfered onto any horse you get on. It's up to the rider to know their weak spots and work to improve them. No one is perfect. I've got multiple titles and championships under my belt, and I know I'm still far from perfection. As riders we must take responsibility for ourselves and work to better our riding. When things go wrong on the horse in 99% of cases the rider has no one to blame but her/herself. You don't get better by blaming your shortcomings on others. I think your best bet would be to stick with Secret or maybe another horse of your trainer's. Off-farm leases are hard to come by and not always the best solution.

Good luck!

fuadteagan 05-23-2011 06:06 PM

^^Thx. Secret is a nice horse but I REALLY wanna' do hunters. Secret is in no place to do that and most of the horses at my barn are the same way. They can trot over cross-rails but I have been riding for 3 years and feel I am ready to lease. I am willing to wait but once I start showing alot more, I will need a horse to condition, train, work with,ect.

JustDressageIt 05-23-2011 06:25 PM

Please get permission before advertising that you are looking. If they say no, you won't have wasted the potential lessor's time.
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Cheyennes mom 05-23-2011 10:48 PM

I think leasing is a great idea! I've gained so much confidence and expirience (not saying I'm expirienced just that compared to how I used to ride? You'd never know that I was the girl who just cantered around uncontrollably not even bothering to look at the lead or use transitions or not even ride for a reason. lol) and it's helped Cheyenne too- she now has one person taking care of her and loving her instead of a whole bunch of pure beginner little kids riding who have no idea what their doing riding her. And it's even helped her owner too. :) Hope you can find a horse :)

NittanyEquestrian 05-30-2011 12:08 AM

When looking to lease you basically have to sell yourself. So posting more about your riding level, specifically what you want to do and/or posting pictures/video of you riding will help people judge whether you would be suitable for their horse.

fuadteagan 05-30-2011 09:08 AM

Ok, sell myself, thanks NittanyEquestrian.

I consider myself a intermediate/advanced rider. I have worked with a few horses in my life. I learned to ride on a naughty horse. Not like bucking and rearing, as I have never been on a bucking or rearing horse but rude and lazy. She wouldn't trot. She would do sharp turns at a trot and the saddle would slip to the side. I fell off once like that. She ripped reins out of my hands and took off when I didn't have stirrups. I have already jumped 18" cross-rails and will pop over them confidently. I can canter a horse easily. I learned to ride on a horse with a very bumpy canter. I can canter basically any horse. I don't like horses with vices like bucking and rearing. I wouldn't want to own one till I'm more experienced. I want to do hunters. Here is a recent video.

sullylvr 05-30-2011 09:56 AM

Leasing is a great idea when you want to earn more experience but aren't ready to buy (which comes with alot of spending and responsibility!) I've been leasing various horses for the past 4 years! 1 ottb, 1 regular tb, an Arabian, and even a perchX. From each I learned so much! Now just curious.. And I really don't want to stir things up but, if you have been riding 3 years how come the recent video you posted says " second cantering lesson" in the description?
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fuadteagan 05-30-2011 12:14 PM

I won't lie. I went through alot. I rode and was OK then a winter off (no indoor) I had to start again. Then took and was about to canter. I cantered, fell off and totally lost my confidence. I switched to western and went to my first show. I finally realized that if I wanna jump I have to be brave and just canter. So my 2nd lesson cantering at least 50 %.

apachewhitesox 06-05-2011 12:41 AM

Also just to add I think you should put yourself as intermediate maybe not advanced. I could be wrong but I see an advanced rider as someone who can ride horses with vices such as bucking and maybe rearing. They also would be able to jump on just about any horse and ride it confidently at all paces and be able to fix any problems as they show up or just before. Just as an example a rider of that level I'm pretty sure would have fixed that the horse in that video was on the wrong lead in the canter both times. Just my 2 cents :D

Good luck. Oh and make sure your parents approve first before getting your hopes up.

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