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farmpony84 05-23-2011 09:41 AM

laptop help
After the virus attack I've given up all hope on my dell ever being normal again so I'm finally going to buy a new computer.

I was looking at this one:

Alienware M17x Laptop Details | Dell

But does that mean it's only for playing games? I only use the computer to do some basic "word documents" and then maybe surf the web and that's it....

Although I want to play with pictures. I do have software for my dell (photoshop)

jinxremoving 05-23-2011 04:16 PM

That laptop is beyond overkill for what you're looking to do.

The Alienware brand IS aimed at gamers, but you can naturally use it for anything else... even Photoshop and Word editing. It's just that you would be pretty much pissing away a lot of money on things like a powerful video card and CPU, which you don't need for the tasks you mentioned. If you're set on Dell, consider their Inspiron line or the XPS line and save yourself a lot of $$$ 'cause it looks better in your pocket than theirs. :)

farmpony84 05-23-2011 04:18 PM

One more question... I have hughesnet because it's the only only internet available to me. Can I buy a wifi card for it? to use it everywhere?

jinxremoving 05-23-2011 04:53 PM

All of the Dell laptops already have built in wifi cards. I'm not familiar with Hughesnet, but they would either use the wifi card or the ethernet port on the back of the laptop which looks like a phone jack on steroids. I think that's what you're asking?

my2geldings 05-25-2011 04:06 PM

I recommend getting a Mac. There are no viruses and you can still do all your gaming, school and every things you currently enjoy doing. They are more money, but its definitely an investment, and you won't have to worry about viruses again.

irydehorses4lyfe 05-25-2011 08:19 PM

If you want a good laptop, check out Sony:Sony USA (potentially overpowered for what you're needing, but very reliable and 5 star tech support), Asus: ASUSTeK Computer Inc., or Lenovo: (I cannot reccomend Lenovo enough- I've had my laptop for over 2 years now and it's as reliable as ever) =]


Originally Posted by My2Geldings (Post 1046411)
I recommend getting a Mac. There are no viruses and you can still do all your gaming, school and every things you currently enjoy doing. They are more money, but its definitely an investment, and you won't have to worry about viruses again.

Incorrect. Mac's most certainly DO get viruses! That is a dangerous assumption. As technology improves virus makers are getting smarter as well. Mac's have just as dangerous viri as PC's now days. I know a friend who had his entire iMac drive hard wiped by a virus. Nothing was recoverable. This day in age, nothing is obsolete. The 2008 Conficker virus(Conficker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) hit BOTH PC's AND Mac's(although Mac's had a different name for it, it was ultimately still the same virus), to this day it is still spreading. Even Android phones and iPhones are able to get little bugs in their systems.

Apple tells staff to keep up the security myth - Don't help customers, pretend the malware does not exist | TechEye

Mac OS X security myth exposed -

Macs no longer immune to viruses - Technology & science - Security -

'Macs don't get viruses' myth dissolves before public's eyes | Security News - Betanews

Poseidon 05-25-2011 08:31 PM

I just got this: Asus U52F-BBL9 Review & Rating | (in dark blue) after my Toshiba died. It's got an i5 Processor, 4GB of RAM and like 640GB harddrive. Wayyy more than I use. I use it for creeping the internet, school stuff, and to store my pictures on. The only part I don't like about it is I have to shut it down entirely more often than my Toshiba needed. Usually I just let it hibernate.

I liked my Toshiba, but I abused it. It was dropped several times in the couple years I had it and the last fall was from the arm of my couch, so the seam on the bottom of the screen opened and messed up the screen, then it freaked out and stopped connecting to the internet. So I sacrificed the last year of my warranty for a new laptop.

I am personally not a fan of Dell laptops. Their manufacturer's warranty is the best because they break more often. My bf has one and I hated using it while mine was in the replacement process.

NdAppy 05-25-2011 08:37 PM

Never had luck with Dell laptops.

I use Acers and HPs. Pretty much the only ones I use.

Have to run for a bit, but when i get back i will put up the ones i would recommend. :)

farmpony84 05-25-2011 08:56 PM

What would be a good virus protection software? I was using McCafe when I got the bad bad bad worm thing...

Poseidon 05-25-2011 08:58 PM

I had to buy my laptop through Best Buy due to the warranty policies (Best Buy's warranty rocks, by the way), so when I replaced it and I got a new warranty to go with it, they told me Kaspersky is the best one they have (They had Norton and McAfee, if I remember correctly).

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