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crimson88 05-23-2011 07:18 PM

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Ok, so I know my Cinder would not be your typical reiner.....since shes like 12.3 and a welsh pony BUT....this girl can move like no other. I mean she turns and stops so fast it's insane. She's not broke yet. I am breaking her over the summer. She is a super mover and I used to have some trotting pictures of her but couldn't find them :( Shes very under her self at all gaits, and has super hock action. I know these are horrible pictures of her, but I am not on my main computer with all my pictures. So this is all I have and so from my discription and these pictures....would she be able to rein at a local/open level?

First pic is her at 2 years, fresh off a ranch and thin. Second one was taken this spring, with good weight.

Katze 05-26-2011 04:40 PM

I know nada about reining, BUT she is adorable =)

FireFlies 05-26-2011 04:54 PM

I'm trying to get into reining as well so I've done some research on reining conformation.
These pics are really hard to tell from though because they're at an angle and you can't see her legs in the second one. How old is she now btw?
First off from what I can tell she looks like she has a pretty nice hip that matches her chest. I love her color too.
I can't tell if its from the angle or not but her neck looks like it ties in pretty low and her throat latch is thick. She also has no withers and is slightly downhill.
I'm no good at legs so I'll leave that for someone else. Also, I would love to see more pictures of her squared up and from the proper angles.
She's not going to win the Derby or anything but I don't see why you couldn't do some novice/green rider classes with her. The NRHA has a great program of shows for reiners just starting out. You should check it out on their website.
Best of luck!

kickshaw 05-27-2011 12:12 PM

You want a reining horse to be set low in their hocks...makes for an easier stop. While she's still growing, it does appear that her hocks are in a good place to help her with this.

You also don't want a reining horse to be too wide in their shoulders - obviously, this is something you have to see from either on the horse or from another photo angle.

Since she's still young, I wouldn't worry too much about the downhill build for now...she should balance out when she's done growing. She does seem a little chunky though :-) Working her will definitely help her muscle tone.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with working her for reining. I like for a horse to be handy, and reining teaches a lot of that. Once you back her and get her going good, you will probably have a better feel for how she will take to the training. If she stops with her back hollowed out and her nose up in the air, the stops are going to be hard on her. Doesn't mean that she can't do it, but it does mean that she'll have to work harder (which over time can lead to joint issues, etc.). She'll need to have a nice rounded canter, and be able to support herself on her hind end (and not strung out on the forehand like so many ponies are). Also (and perhaps most importantly), she needs to have a level head about the whole thing. If she gets hotter as she's ridden and put through the manuvers, she's not going to make a good reiner. Cool and collected is how you want them to be through the whole thing :)

She's a right cute mare - Good Luck!

xEquestrianx 05-31-2011 11:56 PM

Yay for the oddballs! Haha I do all kinds of stuff with a TWH, so I'm not exactly the usual either :).
But she looks to be built nice, and from what you described, she could be promising! Go for it! And good luck! :)

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