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nibbly 05-23-2011 08:46 PM

Men's riding clothing
Just wondering if anyone has problems buying good quality riding clothing for the men in their lives??

waresbear 06-22-2011 07:19 PM

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Yes, very difficult because I live in BC Canada & anything I found online in the US has stupid shipping charges, more than the the breeches & boots cost even! Because my husband is a bigger guy and has large calves, I knew he would need paddock boots cuz no tall boots would fit his calves. Couldn't find any breeches on ebay he would approve of (he said no light colored breeches, skin tight ones like mine, too gay). In Kamloops, a bigger city than we live in (small rural hicksville), they have a few tackshops, one called Lambley's, predominantly western wear but they do carry english items as well, they had roper lacers, good, bought those $200. Then went to Greenhawk, the sales girls there were so helpful & itchin' to get this biker guy (shaved head, mega tatts) in breeches. Found a dark gray pair that have a relaxed fit, $150, oh well they, at least he would wear those! Then we were in another town that had a tack warehouse, found 1/2 chaps for him, extra wide calf, $15, lucked out there. Pic is him & his horse and breeches & lacers, didn't have the 1/2 chaps then *notice the support hoodie? BTW, his horse knows the sound of each of his "person's" harleys, lol! Ok after this noveletta, Greenhawk Canada does have online shopping, google it, best selection for guys'

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