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luvsherhorse 05-24-2011 02:13 AM

Mare has started kicking in trailer
I have a new mare (bought her in December) who I've trailered many times without issue. She has trailered alone, with our gelding and in my friend's trailer with her gelding.

Everytime I'm with my friend, she starts squirting and flirting with my friends gelding (she does not act this way with our gelding). We have trailered her with my friend's gelding on several occasions without incident. However, the last two times (one week apart) she has started squeeling, kicking the crude out of the trailer and squirting like a hussy. She's also injured her leg superficially above her hock...she does not appear lame, but who knows what could happen next time.

She is currently on Butte, Asperease and Isoxuprene for the treatment of "sore heel syndrome". She's been taking the meds for the last month. I've been concerned about ulcers, but aside for this crazy behavior in the trailer, she's pretty level and does not seem to have symptoms that point to an ulcer. I mention this because could this maybe an ulcer issue?

If not the ulcer theory, I'm thinking maybe Spring, her heat cycles are revving up and she plays rough when she flirts? I'm planning on trailering her by herself for now to see if that stops the kicking. However, if she starts kicking when she's alone, what can I do? I've heard of a brake/gas method where first kick you put on the brakes, second kick you put on the gas then go back to the brake if there's a third attempt. All of which is done at slow speeds (like 15 mph). I'm sure the people driving behind me will appreciate all this! Also, have heard/read lots about a product called Mare Magic...any thoughts on this over the counter remedy for crabby mares? Have any of you had to deal with this? This is my first mare and this is unfamiliar territory.

Thanks for any ideas...I could sure use them.

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