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AnnaT 05-24-2011 10:55 AM

Pony doesn't lunge.
I rescued my 4 year old cob Harry a few weeks ago now and I have tried several times to lunge him.
I tried whirling the line and using a whip and using my voice, I have tried tapping him with a crop, tapping him with the whip, cracking the whip, hitting my boot with a crop, hitting my boot with the line.
He is very bombproof, nothing scares him except hoses and lorry breaks.
I've tried letting the line really long but he just stands there, I have tried having it very short but he just looks at me.
I don't lunge with tack.
I lunge in the outdoor arena that I ride in and that he has been loose in a few times.
I always lunge him before he gets any other excersise but I tried once doing it after he was out in the field and it made no difference.
Its not essential that he gets lunging but its just I injure myself that often that it would handy if I could lunge him instead of riding him and he needs worked as often as possible to get his muscles back!
He probably has never been lunged before as the guy I bought him off more than likely broke him in and he didn't know what lunging was!
He's not bad, he doesn't do anything wrong he just stands there!
Any tips?

p.s I might try lunging him with someone riding him its just hard to find anyone willing at the moment.

horselvr 05-24-2011 11:04 AM

Its just training. There is nothing more that can be said. Keep at it and dont let him get away with not doing it or he will never. You have reinforced the fact that he doesnt have to move by giving up twice already. Stay at it, if it takes a whole afternoon and you dont get to do anything else with him then so be it. Use the lunge whip and smack his booty. I dont personally smack the horses but they are all respectful of the whip and I dont have to. BUT if they were not willing to move out then I would smack their butt! It sounds like he doesnt understand what is being asked of him so I would start with a shorter line and keep him moving. In the winter our indoor arena is very narrow and I lunge on a 6ft lead rope....

Endiku 05-24-2011 12:56 PM

just as a note, it sounds to me as if you're trying to spook or scare him into doing what you want. That won't work. Its only going to annoy him, or even make him leery of ropes. He has no clue what you want him to do, so how is he going to do it? Have a friend walk him in a circle around you so that he understands. Give him the cue to move forward at the same time that his walker urges him forewards. It won't take too long. And remember to REWARD him. If he moves forewards even at the slowest, laziest, most uninterested walk ever- praise him! And remember to end on a good note ;) I'd say getting him to make one full circuit around you should suffice, then you can move on to another thing.

shelleyb 05-24-2011 02:01 PM

I would start by just walking him in hand getting him to know your voice aids... then when u start to lunge him have a friend by his head and lunge them too lol! Eventually he will recognise your voice commands and get the hang of it...

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