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LoveStory10 05-25-2011 11:55 AM

Sometimes you just have an amazing moment...
Have any of you had a truly magical ride, or experience with your horse?

Last week I had just finished with my lesson, and it was time to get the herd up the road to their winter field. What happens is we open the stable gate, and the field gate up the road, and they all trot along into the field, and we close the gate.

This time, my instructor drove ahead to open the two gates, and told me to jump on Love bareback and follow the others, and she'll get me up there (she takes me home). So anyway I did. It had just stopped raining, so there was a wonderful "fresh" feeling in the air. There was also a rainbow, and the sun was setting, so the sky was pink and gold :D

I must say it was amazing. I felt so happy and free, trotting along on my beautiful mare with the rainbow behind me in the beautiful sky, listening to the dusk sounds and the hooves of the other horses. It was amazing.

Then, a few months ago I went to practise for a dressage and jumping show. We did the test twice, and Love was amazing; was on the bit nicely, and responded to my cues instantly. My instructor's told me that if I rode like that at the show, I'd do well, which made me feel really proud.

Then we jumped a little bit; a course of three; an upright, an oxer, and a fan. The first two were 80cm, and the last was 90cm. I was a little bit nervous, as I hadn't jumped 90 in a while, but I gave it a go. She refused the fan, but it was my fault; I didn't push her for it, and I messed up the striding. So I tried again. This time she jumped it easily, and it was awesome! It felt so HUGE and FUN lol. I was sooo insanely proud of her. That is - to this day - the most amazing lesson I've ever had. It was also truly magical.:D

Has anyone else ever had something similar?

Phantomcolt18 05-25-2011 10:04 PM

I always have amazing moments with Phantom. If he's out in the feild I'll just go climb up bareback and just chill listening to nature and his breathing.

Just recently I had a cool one. I called Phantom cause I couldn't see him in the field(he was in the back behind the leanto) So I called him and out of nowhere I hear his telll tale whinny. He comes tearing up from the back of the field tossing his head, acting like a goofball and making TONS of noise. He did a bumpy stop right in front of me and snorted. Then started prancing around like he wanted to play haha. I basically just started "trotting" in circles and he prances behind me with he neck ARCHED haha the old man was apparently full of himself that day. It was so funny to see him acting out of the norm (in a good way haha)

Hidalgo13 05-25-2011 10:24 PM

I've had a mini magical moment, but my big one is yet to come. It was last lesson and for a few seconds, Coco's canter was perfect. She was nicely collected, her head slightly arched, I was perfectly balanced and finally siting strait, it wasn't hard to sit perfectly because her canter was so perfect, and we were going at a nice controlled but fast-ish pace (fast for me that is lol ;P). It was special because the previous lessons she wouldn't use her hind end enough and it was harder for me to look and feel nice at the canter (check my thread if you have nothing to do lol and want the full story). :)

LoveStory10 05-26-2011 12:33 AM

Aw Phantomcolt18, that must have been really special and fun :) My YOUNG mare won't even do that lol.

Hidalgo13, you'll get there soon :) That few moments of perfect canter must have been amazing. I can relate; Love's canter was similar to your horses five years ago, now I can canter her bareback in a halter :)

Hidalgo13 05-26-2011 04:08 PM

Lol I wish she was my horse. :(

LoveStory10 05-27-2011 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by Hidalgo13 (Post 1047287)
Lol I wish she was my horse. :(

Don't think like that! Your horse is beautiful! She'll get there soon :) After all, after that last lesson where you had that few perfect canter stride momemt shows that she's almost there... Don't give up :D

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