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reblynne 05-27-2011 03:20 AM

Pregnant Palamino Paint Quarterhorse Mare Day 320
My pregnant Paint Quarterhorse is 320 days today. I have purchased her this way and intend on keeping her and the foal. My question is this; Her bags are starting to look swollen just at the top, where the teets and behind them are not swollen yet. She has a squishy butt, her tail end is looking a tiny bit pointy, he hoo hoo is not enlongated yet. My question is should she be bagging up this early? I do not know ANY history on her pregnancies, or any information on her other that I was told that she is due on June 24th. I was told that that would be 11 months and 11 days... I however, have begun educating myself when I purchased and learned that the mares can give birth between 330-340 days. However, some do GO longer. I get that. I do not think that she will even wait until June 24th. I have recalculated the dates as best as I can and I get the 15-18 of June. Not much different really but like I said today is day 320. She seems to me to be starting her bagging and I was just wondering if this was too early? I can take some pictures and post them. I can try anyway... Also what do you think about the possibility of a solid quarterhorse? SHe is a Paint Palimino Quarterhorse, The sire I'm told is a Tan Quarterhorse. That is all the info I have, I can not get anymore information either. I'am thinking though that she may have had a foal before, nothing definate of course, her teets looked a bit longer when I first got her in Oct 2011. So any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm very nervous at this time. Please let me know... Thank you

mbender 05-27-2011 06:22 AM

Here is what I can tell you. Every horse is different when bagging up and getting ready for birth. I had my first experience two years ago and was a nervous nelly. Do you have any pictures of her? Take pics of her udder, and her butt. Both side view and rear view. If the mare and sire are both Quarter horses the foal will be Quarter also. Color will depend on the dominant gene. Tan? How much do you know about horses? Do you have a pic of the sire? Don't panic over the mare. As long as she is healthy, had her shots, and you are feeding her the proper amount of food, she will be ok. Just when you think she will foal, she won't. She will do everything on her own. Just keep an eye on her as much as possible. Pictures will help with some of your questions.
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lblagden 05-27-2011 12:09 PM

I believe mares can bag up anywhere from 8 weeks before to hours before. Her hind end can start to relax 4 weeks or more before birth.

I'm not an expert though, I've just done a lot of reading in preparation for my own first foal. Photos would help everyone to determine what's going on, but to me it sounds like June 24th is not an unreasonable date at this stage. That's only 4 weeks away! :)

ilovesonya 05-27-2011 04:14 PM

Mares can foal a healthy foal in there 10th month, so there isn't much to worry about.
Pics would help a lot with everyone on the forum to see if your mare is close to foaling.
Good luck with the rest of her pregnancy.

Masquerade 05-28-2011 07:08 PM

Horses have enormous variability in gestation length and their bag can grow and regress or grow and stay big. Neither should be a big worry unless she starts to leak milk, then you may be losing colostrum. The best way to tell when she is getting closer is to actually squeeze a tiny bit of milk (just a few drops) into your hand and look for the colour change. It will progress from yellow to cloudy to white as she gets closer to foaling. Water hardness strips can also be used to test the drops of milk for calcium levels which drastically increase about 24-48 hours before she foals. Try to be as sparing with the milk as you can so if you look at it and it's yellow, check it again in another few day but once it starts to turn cloudy you should start using the water hardness test.

reblynne 06-01-2011 03:07 AM

Thanks everyone,
She is 325 days today. I will get pictures tomorrow of her and her teets.. I'm so excited and I can't wait. Thanks for the info.
I actually expected her to be a bit bigger than she is. However, she isn't really due until mid of the month. My husband says it is just gas and she will give a big Fart and there you go he said. OMG he is too much sometimes.
Anyway tomorrow I will post pictures, the water test strips are a good idea. Thanks again.
Oh and there is a squishy butt but he HOO HOO is not longer than normal. So I keep watching that too.

Crossover 06-02-2011 11:35 AM

Welcome to fun and torturous world of foal watch (check out the joys of foal watch thread)
So this year my Arab mare started bagging up (as in the teats got smoother, I didn't even wait for filling so you can see how eager I was) approx 6weeks before foal. She waxed two days before and the next day dripped milk and 3:30am that night I was the proud owner of a filly.
Enter my TB mare, she started bagging approx 8 weeks ago. Then it went away, then it came back, it got bigger, it got smaller, finally she looked ready and started waxing... for two days... then none... then wax again... for the last 11 days.... isn't this fun :).
Basically its a waiting game.... but the end result is so worth it.

I'm keeping meticulous records for next year.

reblynne 06-07-2011 01:59 AM

*** Update****
My mare is bagging up in her front area of her teets. She is just now staying bagged up.. The rest of her teets are normal looking. SHe is on day 330 today. She looks to me like she will be a bot longer. She isn't due until June 18th. Her tail end is squishy, still not much play with it though. No wax and her HOO HOO is not stretched or elongated at all. I did take pictures I will post them tomorrow. I will actually get more tomorrow and post them right after. Anyway, I'm in this for the long hall. I will keep everyone updated daily as of tomorrow.. Thanks for the insight.

momo3boys 06-07-2011 10:25 AM

Mares are always so different. My brother's showed NO signs of getting close until we found a foal in the pasture! Her bags were barely filling and her teats didn't fill at all, no dripping or waxing at all either. But baby was big and healthy and now growing like a weed! You never know. Can't wait to see pics of the momma and baby!

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