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Gidget 05-27-2011 02:04 PM

Horrible hoof job
Okay,so stormy has had her feet done about about 2 and a half weeks. They have already split :-( The farrier was having some issues doing a trim job on her as she needed work on staying calm. He was patient but I wish he did a better job since we ended up paying $30 for it and no rasping done. Just a quick clip. Her feet needed done as she broke the edge off one(don't know how but she did..nothing serious) and my mom's farrier retired so we had an emergency farrier out that day.

Now I have our farrier coming out today to do Gidget's and Butter's hoofies. He does an OUTSTANDING job and has actually improved Gidget's feet drastically(her back legs are swooped out at the's not too noticeable but very noticeable to me)..he made it so she walks better from behind. I think her feet are slightly deformed in the back but I don't mind. ANYWAYS,back to Stormy..I was wondering if I should show my farrier so maybe he can rasp them? She is a yearling and has only had them done twice so far so she isn't so sure about it.I've been working with her though with picking her feet up. I never have done feet before.

Gidget 05-27-2011 09:43 PM

okay, I had him look at her feet and he said they still looked like they haven't been done and I was asking him if we could set up a time to do it next as I didn't have the money since I had paid for her trim already so he did it for free :) We had to use a stud chain in Stormy's lip as she was giving him a bit of trouble with her back legs but altogether everything went great :)

This thread is no officially pointless.

aforred 05-30-2011 05:07 PM

It sounds like your farrier is awesome. KEEP HIM!!!! :wink:

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