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Gallop On 05-27-2011 05:19 PM

What are your opinions on riding with a helmet
So I was just wondering what all of you think about riding with a helmet. If you ride with one then please explain why and if you dont ride with one please also explain why (: I ride with one cause I am like under 18 and still living at my parents and under an unspoken law I have to obey their rules and, that means a helmet when I ride... partly cause my horse is amongst the best bucking bronkos ever :D But even if I had the calmest horse like ever I still would have to wear a helmet... So yeah (: Thanks!

AQHA13 05-27-2011 05:22 PM

I always wear a helmet. I grew up always wearing one and I guess it's just a habit now. I also go riding alone a lot and feel much more safe when I am wearing a helmet.

VelvetsAB 05-27-2011 05:49 PM

Just want to point out that there have been a TON of other helmet threads. Sometimes they don't end very well.

I grew up not wearing a helmet. I only wear a helmet now because it is the rule of the property I ride on.

Really, I don't care either way if I do or do not wear a helmet. Probably if I got my own property, I would not wear one for schooling on the flat, but wear one for jumping.

Allison Finch 05-27-2011 05:51 PM

I wear one all the time. On rare occasions, when having to get on a student's horse to iron out a problem, I may have to ride without one, but I never like it. I always try to have a helmet handy when teaching.

Iseul 05-27-2011 06:00 PM

I never wear a helmet, and I'm 17. I started trail riding with one, and when I came to my current barn, I never had to use one. I rode a lot better and paid more attention to the horse since I wasn't be claustrophobisized (sp?) by a helmet and putting my attention towards that. I don't wear a helmet on trails, shows, jumping, or walking around the arena bareback in a halter. If a show requires helmets for under 18, I don't go to ride. If I were to try and run a barrel pattern in a helmet, I'd fly off the horse. If I pay attention to what's on my head while I'm riding, I won't catch if my heels start to creep up because I get of balance a little, or if the horses decides to tense up and then spook at something.
I would advise anyone just starting out or someone who is doing more than walking around on a relaxed/dead-broke horse inside, but no one is going to get me to wear one. To each his own, I guess my level of self-preservation is lower than some. :p
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Delfina 05-27-2011 06:30 PM

I wear one because I have a young, green horse. He's never done anything unexpected really but he's young and green, so the unexpected is to be expected still. If my trainer needs to hop on him, she borrows mine and the fact she wants to wear one is enough reason for me to keep on wearing mine.

bsms 05-27-2011 06:58 PM

I wear one because I don't see a downside to it. I posted some studies a while back at the link below, just so there would be some hard data available:

JamieLeighx 05-27-2011 06:59 PM

I always wear my hat! don't care what im doing , I always wear my hat. Even though my horse is bombproof I still wouldn't take the chance , I mean its like wearing a seat-built . The only time I rode without a helmet was when i was cooling dealer down on a empty beach.
I wouldn't hack or jump without my helmet EVER.
But thats just me :)
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MacabreMikolaj 05-27-2011 07:17 PM

I really think it all boils down to personal preference. There are always ways to be safer and there are always ways to be more dangerous. I think it makes just as much sense to wear a body protector every ride if you want to be TRULY safe and yet that's not common practice at all for day to day riding - do we trash, insult and accuse people of being unsafe because of it?

I own a helmet, and I wear it at times. Lately I've been pretty consistent with it, my little spell with Jynx made me a bit nervous and although I HATE wearing them (they make me itch, make me sweat, give me headaches and actually cause me to black out in summer), I'm sucking it up lately because I'm becoming a little more aware of how hard I fall nowadays.

I could never imagine trashing and attacking someone because they choose not to wear one.

raywonk 05-27-2011 07:18 PM

I grew up in stables always wearing a helmet. Ask I became an adult I have wore one less but for certain things I wear one. ALWAYS when I jump and do X country. ALWAYS when I do speed events. Last but not least ALWAYS when I am braking a young horse. I should wear one every ride but it gets so hot in GA and most of the time my WP and I never get out of a trot right now working on trail. My child will wear one till he is no longer living in my home.

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