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LauraLA 05-29-2011 12:14 AM

Understanding how a saddle fits?
Soon after buying my new big boy, I realized I had no idea how to measure saddles, how they should fit, or how saddle fit affects the horses movement.

A friend gave me an old leather saddle that fits my bum just fine and is pretty comfy, but looks SO silly on my new horse, as he is 16 and a half hands and almost 1200lbs. He is huge and the saddle is tiny. Looks like a pony saddle on him, and there is no way it can be comfortable for him.

So here we are on a saddle hunt... Budget is important, because I dont have all the money in the world. It doesnt need to be a show saddle, just a comfy trail/working saddle.

How do I find a saddle that fits my little butt and his huge butt. Is that even possible?

Where do I even begin?
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Rachel1786 05-29-2011 12:27 AM

I ordered this book I found it very helpful. I believe they also make a book for English saddles, but i find them much easier to fit then western

tinyliny 05-29-2011 12:30 AM

Congratulations on your new big boy! I commend you for having the energy and forethought to go looking for the best saddle you can for him and you. There are a lot of threads on this forum regarding saddle fit with a ton of great info. There are also some saddle fitting videos on Youtube you can look at, for free, and some videos you can buy if you wish.

Is this a western or English saddle you would like to find?

I think you might borrow several saddles where the tree size is known and put them on (after viewing some of the fitting info vids) to get an idea if a wide tree, or medium or ? is what fits best in general. Then, is there a consignment saddle shop in your area where you can check out some saddles on trial?
You can also hire a saddle fitter to come out . HE/she will measure the horse and put several different saddles on him. Of course, they want to sell you a saddle, but they will also just give you some information that will help you find your own. I think it's about 100$ to $150.

As for fitting you, how big are you?

Beauandme 05-29-2011 10:44 AM

I did the same as you. My boy is 16.2 and I went to that same site. I bought a new saddle on eBay for $160.00 and all purpose saddle to start since he was already trained under English. I am going to eventually move to Western but I thought I would stay with what was in his comfort zone and not rock his boat too much. I thought getting used to me and his new environment was enough stress on him along with adding a new saddle style and riding style was too much. So for the price what the heck and it came with a headstall and reigns.

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