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JamieLeighx 05-29-2011 08:17 PM

Has anyone else ever seen this in a horses eye?
I think this is the correct section:/
My friend owns a 13.2 pony that he showjumps and his eyes are half walled half normal. I dont have any pics but basically on both eyes the bottom half is blue and the top half is brown. Im intrigued!
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hflmusicislife 05-29-2011 08:41 PM

Yup! I've seen them before. I think they're the coolest things. I also love blue eyes in general though :)

MHFoundation Quarters 05-29-2011 08:44 PM

One of mine has a half blue half brown eye. I think it's pretty cool, my hubby says it creeps him out lol! I will take a pic when I go out tomorrow :)
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bubba13 05-30-2011 12:14 AM

Fairly common in pintos and I've seen it in Appaloosas, too.

MacabreMikolaj 05-30-2011 12:20 AM

My mare has a partially blue eye but it's from left to right, not up and down. I've never seen a half blue eye up and down before!

Barrel Baby 05-30-2011 12:41 AM

Whoa!!! Thats awesome :)

JamieLeighx 05-30-2011 06:09 AM

Im dont know what he is but he is a very funny colour he has like brown splashes on him but they dont end bluntly they sort of fade? He is so ugly that hes cute lol!

Micabre: his are like your horses but a bit more underneath :)
I have never seen this before so im really interested to see others!
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Chiilaa 05-30-2011 07:27 AM

While half blue eyes are not common, they aren't exactly rare either. What colour is your friend's pony?

JamieLeighx 05-30-2011 08:04 AM

He is piebald :)
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Chiilaa 05-30-2011 08:07 AM

And that is the culprit. Do you have any full body shots? I can probably even tell you what colour pattern is causing the blue eye :)

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