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Fisher.Cat. 05-10-2008 08:29 PM

Horse shows!
I went to my second horse show of the year today with my horse Gunner. We showed in Pre Children's Hunter Horse, and got 3rd, 5th and 4th in the three jumping classes. Didn't place in the flat class because he's a terrible mover, and he broke at the canter after we were cut off. :roll: Jumps were at 2'6"

It was a ton of fun though, and I'm really happy with how we did, because we had to get all of our lead changes and we've only been working on them for about a month. He got every change but two, and that was my fault.

I came close to falling off after a change, because he was scurrying to catch his balance, but I grabbed my balance just in time, and avoided slamming face first into the wall of the indoor ring.

I can't wait until next month's show! *excited*
**ignore the music, putting music on my videos is my motivation to transfer music from my desktop to my laptop, a quite tedious job :lol:**

last month's show--> Baby Green Hunter, no placement, jumps at 2', went off course second round, and in general a really bad show. It was annoying b/c professionals ride in there, so I had no chance of placing, so we switched divisions for todays show (above)
(I know I was a little slow when he picked up the wrong lead.)

PoptartShop 05-11-2008 02:57 PM

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Aww, that's great. :D

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