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horsecrazy84 06-01-2011 11:32 AM

Sundance riding pics and Chanti and update
Over the weekend Sundance has been working and doing extremely well. Sunday we saddled him, I lunged him a little while before hubby got on. It had been atleast 3 weeks since he had been saddled but he did great. We put the snaffle bit on him instead of using the sidepull and at first he did not want to leave the barn because Chanti was there but he wasn't being a butt about it, just not wanting to leave right off, but once he left he was ok. Chanti started hollering for him and when he got the farthest from her he thought about taking off but hubby one-rein stopped him and got him to calmly walk. They rode all over the pasture, he hopped over a little part of a ditch with water in it, did some easy, controlled trotting. He is already picking up on neck reining, he stops very well for it being his 5th ride total and only second ride in the big pasture. He hasn't got the idea of backing up but the second day he was rode he took 3 steps back without fighting it or slinging his head. The second day he went in the pond, through the woods, did more trotting, and was barely lunged before he got on. He left Chanti just fine then.
We are very impressed and proud of him, so far he hasn't shown any hint of a buck,rear, hissy fit,etc. Hubby rode him down the road just a little ways and around the yard the second day and he did great, then he got a nice cool bath and was able to graze in the yard. I have NEVER seen a stud as easy to handle and as easy to break as Sundance.
Chanti is still pretty much resting. There's no sign of lameness now but I'm only hand walking her and I use boots every time. It'll be another month before I even think about riding her and then it'll be walking for a few weeks, then we'll go back into trotting but she'll mainly be used for guests. I'm wanting to get another horse I can show next year.

First, Sundance. Hubby said he's very smooth to ride but we can't decide on what gait he does, if any. He has a big overstride though but I don't think it's TN Walker, might be foxtrot? I took a video and we are going to ride later today and I'll get more pics, but do you have any idea?
I think he was trotting here, above pic.

I have a better lunging pic that shows his stride, just didn't upload it yet.

More coming. Any ideas on his breed?

horsecrazy84 06-01-2011 11:44 AM

momo3boys 06-01-2011 09:17 PM

Very sweet. Sounds like things are going well. I've only seen one Foxtrotter and she was a bit taller than him. But he could be...

horsecrazy84 06-01-2011 10:25 PM

Thanks, he's just a smidge taller than 14.3. Next time hubby rides I'll get some good videos. Anyone have any ideas what breeds he could be?

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