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Gidget 06-02-2011 03:20 AM

could it be that she is mutton withered?
So I got to saddle pad also slides down when I ride in my english saddle(wintec 500 with interchangeable gullet kit and cair)..I tuck it up when before I tighten the girth and it's fine but once I get in the saddle and we trot it slides down and to me it looks very uncomfortable! I've been avoiding the saddle because of this issue...I don't want to ride too long in it as no matter what it slides..I'm wondering if it's because she is round and mutton withered?...I don't think it's the gullet as I changed it to two different sizes to see if that helped and it slide either way...some help?

I would love to ride english on my trail rides..part of me is afriad to yet I can ride in an endurance saddle...I guess it's because it has some type of swell so I feel more secure....I'm needing to work on keeping my heels down when going at a canter..I'm afraid I'll eat dirt in an english saddle...i was also thinking that maybe some endurance stirrups would be good?

Gidget 06-04-2011 02:57 AM

Okay,I got it figured out and got her saddle pad to stay up even at a canter this evening. She did pretty good..she's a bit sloppy but we need to practice and we will get better. My first lesson is on Wednesday w/ my new trainer.

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