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Crossover 06-02-2011 01:20 PM

Your favorite Ribbon
So I was having a bit of a nostalgic moment while reading posts and started thinking back to my showing days. I remember my favorite ribbon.

It was at a class A hunter/ jumper show in Lake Placid, NY. I was there for the jumping classes with a 14.2 TB/walker cross (yes you read that right). She had a big head, stick neck, gangly legs and was a mottled bay color. She'd jump anything I threw her at and was trained second level dressage. Well, on a whim I decided to enter a hunter hack over fences class. So me and Darkling with about 25 other horses started around the ring. Now up to this time I had been training for eventing and in dressage they require a more upright seat. As I'm going around the ring I'm eyeing everyone else trying to figure out what I should be doing. Luckily I learn best by watching and got my butt a little higher out of the saddle. Then came the time for the over fences part. My little mare did great for the fences part but hadn't a clue what I wanted for the backing up. I really wasn't expecting anything so I was a bit shocked when my name was called for third place. I was estatic. Even though I hadn't been training for hunters it was plesant for me to realize that my long hours of riding were paying off. That is the story of my favorite ribbon.

What's your story?

MHFoundation Quarters 06-02-2011 02:57 PM

:DGreat story and great thread idea Crossover!

Mine is rather silly and far, far from any of the real awards that I've won over the years but 20 years later it is by far the most memorable!

It was a silly 4-H fair halter race fun class the first year I had my red dun mare, Bubbles, RIP. I was 11. It's basically musical chairs with halters, race around dive for a halter, pray you get it...repeat...Started with 30+ kids (responsible 4-H program, eh?) and ended up being me and one boy who had this smoking fast buckskin barrel mare. I had previously employed the WP jog, don't pass the halter theory of getting farther but knew that he was going to go balls out. My mom was standing on the fence and I looked and her and she says "Fine, let that 'rip' go!" I asked that mare for speed and got much more than I could have imagined, we blew that old barrel horse out of the water! I ended up out racing him & snagging that halter, my horse had better brakes & he couldn't get his mare stopped before the halter :wink: I can still hear the song that was playing on the P.A. system. The best part was after that day my mom finally gave me to go ahead to contest with her & I ended up winning flags at the state fair that year :D

Magaidh 06-02-2011 03:45 PM

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My first walk/trot dressage show with my youngster, Mr. Darcy. He was exceptionally well behaved, looked amazing, and everyone loved him. We got high score for the day and not only got some ribbons but a nice trophy. This memory is special to me as we had to pull him out of work due to a minor lameness not long after, and then nine months later I had to make the decision to euthanize him due to a freak spinal chord injury. It was our first and last show together, and one of only probably a dozen rides I had on him in general after he finished his first couple months of training. I had many hopes and just general anticipation about our life together, and he was my dream horse.

From our show that day:

IslandWave 06-02-2011 03:56 PM

Well 2009 was the year that I began to have many lightbulb moments with my mare and my trainer kicked our butts in lessons. We showed 1st Level and debuted at 2nd. At the year-end award party, we won Most Improved Dressage Rider of the Year. :D I was completely surprised and so proud!

And then last year I got 4th place at Training Level (Jr/Young Rider division) at the Regional Championships with a mare who I'd only been riding for abour 4 months. Before I started showing her that season, she'd had at least a year off and had only ever been to one schooling show.

That's the trophy and ribbon that I'm most proud of. (Although riding two horses and placing first and second on them in the same class at our first recognized show of the season was pretty cool, too.)

Crossover 06-03-2011 12:38 AM

Loving the stories... keep them coming :)

Isn't it interesting how the biggest ribbon/ trophy is not always the "best" one. I have quite a few blues... but that white one is on top.

arashowjumper 06-03-2011 12:59 AM

BUFFFF... old timesss lol, it was 2004 i was like 15, i has been riding english well show jumping for not so long, my dady had bought me a huge TB/ Hanoverian mix that was a pain in... (inser inagination here lol) he was very spooky, and i certainly hated him, he always ruined all the competitions an di was a bigginer so i could handle him. but i still loved show jumping.
that morning we had an accident the trailer qith the horse inside went loose from the truck and ensed up in a bridge, i took out the horse in the middle of free way with police and tv lol a mess, and a friend trailer stoped by and took my horse, somehow i arrived to the competition, teh vet said the horse was perfectly fine and he could show with no prob.
so i went into the paddock and he did ok... then we went into the show jumping course and we came out 2ndddd!!!! never ever again that horse jumped with noone else lol, he was sold to be a trailk horse lol, cos 1 yr latter he almost broke my neck lol. so everybody still calls that ribbon the good luck accident ribbon, what makes it soi special. well...
it was my 1st big even ribbon, the only ribbon in the horse carrer and my dadys face when we did the winners lap he was standing so proud, it still makes me get gosebumps.

Brighteyes 06-03-2011 01:01 AM

My favorite ribbon is a creased yellow one from my first competitive trail ride almost a year ago.

My boss invited me to go with her to one of her CTRs. She's big on the NATRC circuit and travels all over the southeast for these rides. Why she invited me I haven't a clue, but I was thankful beyond anything I can express in words. I remember it was September. I was a miserable middle school kid who needed something to reach for. I was bored and frustrated. I lacked goals, visions, or dreams -- things that today I live on.

My boss set out to find a horse for me. She soon found a four-year-old spotted saddle horse mare called Baby Girl. This horse was a pasture puff and a spoiled brat for sure! She struggled so badly when I tried to mount it scared me. She never, ever soon still. When I asked her to, she reared. She was fat and sassy in all the worst ways.

So there I was, diving into something I had no idea about. I was a green, first show rider on a green, first show horse. Lord, it was a crazy day! 17 miles... It almost killed us both. We got held once at a P and R, failed every obstacle, and finished with mutually low scores. However, we still got a third.

I bought that horse eventually. We win blues now. :wink:

MHFoundation Quarters 06-03-2011 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by Crossover (Post 1054971)
Loving the stories... keep them coming :)

Isn't it interesting how the biggest ribbon/ trophy is not always the "best" one. I have quite a few blues... but that white one is on top.

It is! I have a cabinet full of AQHA bronzes, but they don't even come close to meaning as much as that silly halter race :)

Sophie19 06-03-2011 10:59 AM

My favorite show experience was one where I didn't get a ribbon. In fact I came in dead last. The horse I was co-leasing was completely insane(and I loved him for it). The other girl leasing him had ridden him in a class before me and he had ignored her and charged the judges table. The judges had to literally leap out of the way. When I entered the warm up ring I heard one of the people working the show warn everyone that we had entered the ring and to watch out. During my class he looked very un-hunter jumper. But he stayed on the rail and generally behaved. I came in last, but as I walked out of the ring I was congratulated by dozens of strangers for keeping him calm and under control. I felt pretty awesome about the whole thing.

barrelracer892 06-03-2011 11:18 AM

My favorite was from the GA State 4-H Horse Show in Perry. I got a pretty purple ribbon for 7th place out of 49 in pole bending. I was extremely proud of my horse because the previous year he was nervous about being in that big indoor arena and didn't even want to go around the first pole. Another one was from last year when I beat my instructor at pole bending. Got 1st out of 16. Those were two of my horse's best runs.

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