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Rachel1786 06-03-2011 11:05 PM

surface cracks, should I be worried?
Today when I was grooming my 14 year old OTTB after our ride i noticed some slight cracks on her one hoof, she is barefoot and was trimmed on may 10th i believe, so it hasn't been that long. My normal farrier didn't do her and i don't think this guy did as good of a job but i have her at a boarding stable right now and my normal guy doesn't go up that way and just one horse doesn't make it worth his while, which i understand. I have a pic and i'm just wondering if this is something i should be concerned about being a bigger issue.

usandpets 06-04-2011 01:52 AM

I'm not a farrier but they don't look too bad. If they were deeper or wider, I would get concerned. Just keep an eye on them until the farrier comes back out. I don't think they developed because of the way they were trimmed. You could try putting on a hoof conditioner to keep them from splitting more.

PaintHorseMares 06-04-2011 07:11 AM

Our lead mares gets surface cracks during the hot, dry months of year and they don't cause any problems. As her hoof grows, I just rasp the edge over, if necessary, to keep them from chipping.

Rachel1786 06-04-2011 06:54 PM

She has never had any cracks before(well i've only had her a year but after i pulled her shoes and the nail holes grew out i didn't have any problems) and now this farrier trimmed her and her feet are flaring and cracking. The flaring is obviously from him not doing a good job since she normally gets trimmed every 8 weeks with no flaring what so ever. Also i've noticed that all the horses feet at the barn look like crap and he also does my neighbors horses and they all have high heals and wonky toes. I'm thinking i may just get a rasp and rasp them every 3 or so weeks I'll have my normal farrier show me on my other 2 horses when he comes out and if i do it often enough i don't have to worry about them needing to be nipped at all.

Also i have this stuff at my barn at home, i can't remember the name of it but it is in a yellow tin with brown writing and a brown lid with a brush attached to the lid...if anyone knows what it is(i know it's some kind of hoof conditioner lol) would that be something good to use on her feet?

Thanks guys, i'm just worried about them getting worse since doesn't flaring cause increased pressure on the walls which causes cracking?

usandpets 06-05-2011 12:07 AM

I don't know if flaring causes cracks but it's the wall seperating from the hoof.

I think the can you are talking about is called HoofCare. We have that and it is a conditioner for the bottom and the walls of the hoof. It should help.

aforred 06-05-2011 09:53 AM

The cracks, I wouldn't be so worried about. Flares are a bigger issue, though, and I would be concerned. Is this farrier one that you can talk to? I mean, some will let you talk at them, and some are very good at communicating with owners in order to do a better job.

Keep in mind that hoof conditioners can cause hoof infection. It doesn't mean they will, but it can happen.

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