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shelleyb 06-04-2011 04:08 AM

Advice for bringing up a yearling...
First of all i just want to tell everybody how PROUD i am of my boy! I bought Romeo 2 weeks ago and he was untouched, living in a field on his own and never left the field he was born in! The only contact he had was when he was fed and given hay!

When i first saw him i fell in love with him straight away he was really wary to start with but after 5 minutes of watching him in the field he wouldn't take his eyes off me either and followed me around the field and shaking his head as if asking me to play! It was love lol!

So first time he ever saw a trailer he loaded in less than 5 minutes!

Settled into his new stable perfectly for the first night and turned out int o field where he was gelded... had his wormer / vaccinations and dint even flinch.

First time he ever had his feet picked up were last week for the farrier and he stood there lie my 15yr old mare (perfect)

He didnt like his headcollar being put on but after TO DAYS he now lowers his head for me to do it :)

We had a biting issue but a couple of flicks and 'sshhh' from me he doesnt even attempt it!

I bought him up to the yard yesterday for the first time since the day he arrived (loads of other horses were about) and he litrally just followed me into the stable and stood there like he had been there his hole life!!

Are most youngsters this well behaved and willing and accepting?? or am i just extraemely lucky?? o is this the quiet befor the storm? lol

Also i just want to hear of any of your experiences with youngsters - DOs? DONTs?

Im tempted to take him to a youngstock show in a couple of weeks - but not sure if that will be rushing things a bit?

Also i have 2options for over the winter and im not sure what to do with him!

option 1: Keep him at my yard which costs 90pcm + Hay + Bedding + Feed (they have to be stabled in winter and max 4 hours turnout during wet days!!!!) i will of corse be up there twice a day...

option 2: send him to my mums friends field with her horses which costs 40pcm plus feed and hay cost ! She doesnt have stables so he will be turned out with a shelter to tie and groom BUT i will only be allowed up there on weekends and 1 weekday (landlords rules!!!!!)

Im just soo excited about my future with him and would love to hear from any of your experiences or advice or suggestions - i want to do things right by him!

Thank you for reading :)

mbender 06-04-2011 04:52 AM

First off, sounds like a nice baby. Second, I hope this isn't the quiet before the storm. He will pick up nasty habits but nip them in the bud! Sounds like you are on top of that with his nipping.

Taking him to a show: don't know. Do you want exposure or do you want to show him? If its just exposure go for it. If its showing, I think its pushing but your the only one that knows how he takes to new settings.

Secondly, I would personally perfer the first option. Maybe more expensive but you'll see him more often. At any rate, have fun with him. Do all you can with him. I would. The more exposure, the more you do with him the easier the training.
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