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MariPlante 06-04-2011 10:57 AM

Gaining my Horses respect
My horse does naughty things with me that he does not do with my daughter. He is more spooky when I ride, and is rude when I am grooming/tacking. Last night he kicked out when I was currying his belly and got me right in the thigh. What can I do to gain his respect?

tanya 06-04-2011 11:32 AM

I will have to follow this thread as my horse is the same way. Good luck to you I wish I had some advice, but I dont know much about horses myself. Our mare does not like me one bit. If I go out there with her she starts snorting and she will bite me any chance she gets. She has kicked me, bit me several times, and runs when I try to catch her to brush her.

palominolover 06-04-2011 12:47 PM

You need to do groundwork with them, start by rubbing them such as between the horses eyes, their dock and withers. Then start by moving their hind end away from you, if you need to start by hitting their butt to get the horse away from you. Then eventually get their front end away from you, by pushing and then just shoving it. It's natural horsemanship it works for me =)

lilruffian 06-04-2011 01:58 PM

as palominolover said you need lots of groundwork. I'm not talking just longeing but getting him to move every part of his body away from you when you ask; his hindquarters (especially if he kicks) his forehand, head & neck. Start by adding light, rhythmic pressure and increase it until he moves away. Once he yields, stop, wait a second & then start again.
You also want him to back away from you & come to you when asked. Working on sending him back in a straight line will help teach him to respect your personal space & give you room when you need it.
Another thing would be longeing of course but i dont mean running him in mindless circles. The dominant horse in the herd is the one who can make every other horse move when and where they want them to at any speed. So make him go at a walk, trot & canter, stop, turn and face you & do it all over again.
Also spending some "friendly" time with him would be a good idea because that will help build a foundation of trust that comes in handy when building respect ;)

tinyliny 06-04-2011 02:51 PM

Your horse knows that she can do these things to you and get away with them. What do you do when she does them? Whatever it is, it is not making enough of an impressions on the horse so that the next time she tries something all you need to do is threaten .
Horses are very senisitive , and they know if you have the self confidence to make quick and memorable discipline., the quicker and more memorable the better.
Working on the ground with horses not only established your dominance and leadership BEFORE the push comes (I mean the horse pushing on you, by intruding on your space, biting or kicking), but it also brings you to thinking about them and wathcing them, too. The more you can be aware of when a kick or bite is what your horse is thinking about, so that you can interrupt it, the less it takes from you to derail this behavior and the more willingly your horse will accept such discipline without resentment.
However, to start with , the next time she tries to bite, I would take whatever is at hand and smack her really hard on the neck or should and yell! and make her think she is going to die; for just one or two seconds. It has to make a real impression. Then let her settle. Do NOT go back and apologize and lovey-dovey. Just do nothing and let her settle, then go right back to grooming as if nothing happened.

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