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LoveTheSaddlebreds 06-04-2011 06:20 PM

Teaching to Ground Tie
So my mare has an issue with standing still, and I want to teach her to stand still and quietly when I tell her to. What are some good methods for teaching a horse to ground tie? I want the most efficient ways, and whatever works best, because she REALLY needs to learn this. I knew a guy that could get all of his horses to stand in one spot and never move until he asked them to and when I asked how he got them to do that, he said that he would throw something at them or hit them and tell them whoa if they moved. For obvious reasons I don't trust this method, so I'd like to hear what you guys have to say. Also, if there are any training vids on youtube than give a good explaination and method, I'd like to see it :)


SiennaBanana 06-04-2011 07:02 PM

I've never done it myself yet, but I hear this a great method to get a horse to ground tie. I'm planning on trying it out with one of the colts soon.

Start off in a round pen (or an empty enclosed arena if weather or space doesn't allow) with a halter and a lead on your horse. Move her to the center and just give her all the attention inthe world. Pet her, talk to her, etc as long as she is standing still. Then drop the lead and take a few steps back. If she stays there, great! Give her more praise. If she moves though (even a couple steps) take the lead and move her back to the same spot and try again. Once she has that down, move further away. Make sure you don't let her move and get praised for it. She needs to understand that she is to stay put until you come back to get her. Eventually, you should be able to leave the area and be out of sight for a few minutes without her moving from her spot.

If you wanted to make her come to you after standing still, I suppose you could try calling her over after you have made it to a certain spot. I'd start with the first method first, and do this after you feel she is ready.

Good luck! :) I hope this is some help to you.

gypsygirl 06-04-2011 07:39 PM

i basically did what that guy told you. i stood my mare somewhere with her rope on the ground and told her 'stay there' and everytime she moved i said 'HEY' and walked into her and/or backed her up with my finger/rope. i also praised her while she was standing nice and sometimes gave her treats. i would also tempt her to move with grain and treats, and then give her some when she didnt move. basically i taught her to stay just like a dog. she can now ground tie with 10 people riding around her and jumping while i leave her side, she mostly just goes to sleep. she will also stop and stand while i keep walking if i just drop the rope.

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