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Wancata 06-04-2011 08:10 PM

Is my slow twist bit working?
I am currently riding my green TB in a D-ring slow twist that was suggested to me by a past trainer. When I was working with an old trainer it was the thinking that the slow twist would help me keep him up because he would drag me with a heavy pull and the edges of a slow twist would bring him up. When he would pull, it wasn't yanking, it was this heavy dragging that just made my arms like Jelly. The slow twist seemed to help this.

Now fast forward 12 months, and after some drama and realizations that I wasn't getting the quality training I had thought, I am at a new facility with a new trainer. My current trainer has never brought up my bit, but I have become curious on my own. We are working on getting him to use his rear and back and come down onto the bit. It is slowly coming together, but it struck me today, is the slow twist preventing him from coming down on the bit since its purpose is to bring your horse up??

Things I know... I need to be backing him up with my leg and to straighten the haunches to get the correct collection I am looking for. I know harsh bits are not the answer and I know he should be able to carry himself from behind at the cue of my leg. My question is, is the slow twist keeping him from comfortably moving on the bit? What kind of bit should I go for that may encourage him (in addition to all the other underlying training that is being addressed)?

Thanks in advance for your help!!! :D

aspin231 06-04-2011 08:16 PM

Couldn't you ask your current trainer what bit s/he would suggest?
Also, unless s/he watches you tack up, there's a possibility that s/he doesn't even know that your snaffle has a twist mouthpiece.
Good luck!

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