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momo3boys 06-04-2011 08:12 PM

Jacoby Gaited under saddle!!!!
For those of you who know about my 3yo RMH gelding project, we went to our first show today and just did a showmanship class for youngsters and he did great. It was my first time showing too and I didn't do so well... oh well. He behaved and that's what matters.

The show isn't far from my pasture so I rode him back. Well, not only was this his first show, it was also his first time hacking alone. He was so excited about getting back to his buddies that it was hard to keep him in a walk. He kept breaking into a trot (really fast hard bone jarring trot), I would tell him "easy" as I half halted with the reins and sat back a bit. Well on the way up a hill doing the same thing over and over, reminding him to walk and not trot, suddenly he breaks into a RUN WALK!!! I couldn't believe it! I have never ridden it before, and it was amazing!!! He held it for 5-6 strides then started to trot again, so I pulled him back to a walk, but WOW!! I almost cried! I didn't think I would feel that for a while because he is so young and learning. He did it one more time on the way home but not as long. But now I know he can do it!

I hope I did right by just letting him go faster as long as it wasn't a trot... The way I figure it, he is a smart horse and just found a way to go faster anyway, but I think for now, I'm ok with that. :lol:

momo3boys 06-06-2011 08:41 AM

bump... Did I do the right thing?

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