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arashowjumper 06-05-2011 10:22 PM

opinions on possible buy please
hello guys im looking to buy a new horse, and going troght the internet i met him lol 2000 Black Oldenburg Gelding | Buy this Horse at

ill really like your general opinion i want a good show jumping horse formyself, im expirianced 12 yrs show jumping 20 ridding, but i really like a horse i can enjoy since i work with horses that have problems or are green every day and i would really like my own horse to be stady, calm and relaxing horse something to enjoy not just more work lol.
i would really like your honest opnion since getting this horse will actually mean importing him and its a big thing to do here in mex.

i need ahorse to get back to competitions .90 to 1.10m jumping will be perfect

zjcgw 06-06-2011 10:14 AM

Wow looks like a great deal for that price! i did notice that his hind end looked uncomfortable...he had a short stride and was scampering through the turns, I will bet money that he needs his hocks done. Other than that he looks great!

Elana 06-06-2011 01:49 PM

Looks good but he does something funny in the air.. he tucks his nose in over a jump and does not really extend his head down. It looks lovely and round in the pictures but he is not REALLY rounding and extending.. he is tucking his nose. It is slmost like he is looking at the jump as he goes over. This is not to say he is not jumping pretty well because he is.. but he is flatter than he appears.

I would carefully check this horse's teeth and hocks.. I think there might be something going on there. Get a thorough vet on him. He also tends to not jump even in front.. and if he is careful that can be OK.

He is a bit long in the back and his transitons DOWN are not smooth (needs work on that).

Something on this horse concerns me.. and b4 parting with $10k, go over him very carefully.

arashowjumper 06-06-2011 02:00 PM

thank you very much for your opinions, im really interested but like i said it will mean a lot for me to consider go checking on him a get him, ill sell my current boy, and travel a 2000 km trip to get this boy, then pay the taxes to allow them cross the border lol, so it is a big thing to bring him, i liked him but he is not my only choice.

thank you very much for helping me decide

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