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Ferhoodled 06-07-2011 06:59 PM

Other breeches that fit like Ariat?
Does anyone know of other brands that would work well for someone who fits perfectly in Ariat breeches? I don't live close enough to a decent tack shop with a large enough selection to go try on a bunch, so I'm stuck with online sales. I know 28 Ariat fits me really well, and side zips seem to agree more with my body proportions (no sagging zipper in the crotch :oops:). Unfortunately, I can't find a very wide selection of styles and colors in side-zip Ariats at a reasonable price, so I need some more ideas.

I've heard that TS is a straighter, slimmer cut. Is that accurate? If so, hat type is unlikely to work for me; in order to fit the thighs, the waist would probably end up being too big. Plus TS is pretty stinkin expensive :shock: Then I feel like some of the other brands just don't look like they're very good quality. Maybe I'm being too picky (known to happen! haha)

Any suggestions?

countercanter 06-07-2011 09:53 PM

I wear a 28 in ariats too, but in tailored sportsman it depends on the style. I have two pairs that are the trophy hunters I believe, they are ment to fit looser, have less stretch to them, and they come up much higher around my waist so I wear a smaller size in those, but I had a few pairs of the tailored sportsman TS breeches and I was a 30, probably could have worn a 32 comfortably as well. I know the TS style are on sale at dover and they come in every color imaginable. Grand Prix breeches fit similar to ariats as well. I just got a pair of the ariat heritage euro seat breeches and i love them. They are only 90 bucks too.

Ferhoodled 06-07-2011 10:04 PM

^^^ Thanks! I was actually considering the Heritage style, so that's good to hear. I will definitely check out the Grand Prix selection as well.

upnover 06-08-2011 10:45 PM

Ariat breeches fit me perfectly as well. (28s too!) TS -any model- look terrible on me. I find that *most* people wear one better then the other. My waist and my hips are practically the same proportions and TSs are built more for people with a waist. So when I wear them they either don't zip or are so big in the butt/hips that it looks like i'm either wearing those old style balloon breeches or have a loaded diaper. And yes, i have tried on EVERY model they have to offer.

My favorite breeches (possibly overshadowing ariats) are these f3 Coolmax breeches by Equine Couture. They fit me exactly the same, are coolmax, and have fun plaid panels and piping at the pockets. I've found them on sale as cheap as $60. The bottom elastic cuff drives me nuts but i've gotten used to them. They look great and I wear them at rated shows all the time.
Equine Couture Ladies F3 CoolMax Ridng Breeches

I've heard Grand Prix should also fit me but I've never tried any on so those are a good suggestion.

Ferhoodled 06-09-2011 09:17 PM

I've considered this style of Equine Couture Coolmax: Dover Saddlery | Equine Couture Coolmax® Champion Side-Zip Breeches.

I wasn't sure if the fit would be comparable to Ariat, but now I know! I assume you wear the same size in those, right? They seem like an economical, decent-quality option.

I just wish they came in an interesting color. I don't care if you call it "safari", it's still beige :lol:

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