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getupasb 06-07-2011 11:14 PM

Gaiting when not needed?
So, I got this new mare. She's an 8 year old ASB, naturally gaited. She hasn't done much with her life, so she is going into training to be my show horse.

I am showing her as a huntseat horse, so she cannot gait. I do not care if she does it on trails or pleasure riding (if I ask her to) but they don't make five-gaited ASB hunter classes. :-P

The issue is that she gaits when she goes into the trot and into the canter. I think it's more of a pace, but I'm not familiar with the different gaits. I don't think it would really be considered a rack or slow gait. But for instance; When you ask her to trot, she paces first and then you have to say "Yup! Yup!" (or make some sort of sound like that) and she starts trotting.

That's a no-no for showing.

She does the same with the canter.

She also paces and stuff around corners, but I think that is mostly because she's a chub-monster and is out of shape... so she isn't balanced. So, I think when she gets unbalanced she loses her feet and gaits.

So, besides getting her in shape... does anyone have any other ideas?

And, link to my other thread, which I also need ideas!

Thanks in advance. :-o

momo3boys 06-09-2011 09:13 AM

From what I have seen, weight really does make a pacy horse. The only other suggestion would be to teach verbal commands on the ground and really put up the pressure so she has to trot first on the lunge line. This might take some time though...hope others have some better ideas for you.

Zab 06-15-2011 12:27 PM

I have a standardbred that will gait and trot, had to teach him the trot.

What I did was working him on a circle, overbending him and tapping the inside leg in a trot rythm (it encourages those muscles to contract which suggests for the horse to trot), as soon as he trotted I let him forward and straight a short while and then stopped him. Soon e learnt that on a circle with tapping leg he should trot. I tried it out on the straight roads and had to overbend him again, same procedure of full release no matter how fast/slow/collected/hollow the trot was. Soon he picked it up there too. Now I just have to sit and tap ever so lightly with one leg and he immediatly trots without gaiting first, no matter what speed I ask for :) It was difficult in the start, but now he knows it.

churumbeque 06-29-2011 07:58 PM

maybe this is not the right horse for hunt seat. If she looks the a 5gaited horse I can't imagine you doing well at hunt seat so why invest the time and money?

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