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ShezaCharmer 06-10-2011 10:51 AM

Strangest Ride You've Had
Lets hear about all those strange, crazy rides you riders have been on! We all have good stories so be polite and share with the rest of us so we can all have a laugh:D

Ill start off with mine...

I was out with my friend and we both were riding a green horse. Well, we had the idea to go for a trail ride into town (where we are you are allowed to ride you horse on sidewalks). It was super hot out and we got hungry after riding around for 2 hours so we went to Dairy Queen. Not in the usual fashion though. My friend dared me to go through the drive-through with my horse so... I did it!
The cashier looked at me funny and people started taking pictures but I got a free blizzard from my friend out of the deal :lol:

lilkitty90 06-10-2011 11:43 AM

thats awesome, i've ridden to the local convienant store. but my most recent crazy ride mainly deals with my mother.

my mom, sister and i decided to ride to hester valley in dresses and swim suits so we can swim in the river with out horses and such and then go trail ride. all was well, we get to hestervalley ( a good 5-6 miles from our pasture) we get in the river and have a great time, it's super hot out so we took the saddles off them, well first my mom gets her foot stomped and it ends up bleeding (we were riding barefoot! aha BAD) and then after she gets Carmens saddle on carmen decides to roll in the sand WITH the saddle on, mom tried everything, cuenig her forward, then kicking her forward and even took the crop to her rear but she rolled anyway, my mom's foot got caught in the stirrup and she ate sand. after we get the horse, my mom and sadle rinsed off from the sand we head out. the ride goes great, and we swim again at the end. then on the way home a pop up storms comes along with LOUD thunder, we stil have about 4 miles till we're to the pastureand mom,s horse spooks and busts her nose, and i went to the house of someone we know with horses to see if we could get some paper towels and possible hide in their shed as the storm goes by, but they got married the day before and wasnt home, so i went to the next random neighbor with horses and luckily they were nice enough to put us out i nthe barn for 2 hours and helped my mom clean up as she was covered in blood. after the storm cleared and we headed out we ended up going to the hospital to see if my mom,s nose was broke, and luckily it wasn't!

but it WAS a crazy day and my white dress is ruined. and moms pink dress is also ruined lol

ShezaCharmer 06-10-2011 02:10 PM

Oh wow. Hope your mom is better! Im just glad nothing terrible happened to us because like I said we were on a couple of greenies and my friend's was on her first trail ride.
That is a crazy story haha :D

Hunter65 06-10-2011 02:33 PM

Hahaha I remember one from when I was a teenager. We live in Canada but we used to keep our ponies just across the line at a tiny little point of the US called Point Roberts. Its about 4 miles long and 3 miles wide. Anyhoo we used to sneak across the border on the beach and ride to our houses (everyone did that). My friends dad used to fill our saddle bags with cheap booze and we would ride it across, nice dad huh. Well this one time I had my pony in the neighbors yard as no one lived there and all he had on was his red blanket (he was a little white Welsh Mountain Pony). My friend was riding her horse around in the yard and I told her when she leaves to SHUT THE GATE. Well not being the sharpest tool in the shed she let Cinders escape. Now he was a pony that didn't like to be caught so he started trotting up the road, I told my friend DON'T CHASE HIM, what does she do? Chases him. Now they are heading up toward the main street of town at a gallop in the middle of the road. We ran and got the car and went looking for them. Must have been quite a sight as horses were not seen too often in the area especially little white ones with red blankets). Well we were told they turned left at the light MAIN STREET and were headed for the border. Oh no we would have been in HUGE trouble had they made it there. Thankfully a nice young man stopped his car and bravely grabbed Cinders as he ran by. Could have slapped my friend, just so thankful that no one got hurt.

anndankev 06-10-2011 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by Hunter65 (Post 1061722)
Thankfully a nice young man stopped his car and bravely grabbed Cinders as he ran by. Could have slapped my friend, just so thankful that no one got hurt.

what a way to meet a guy, Prince Charming?

Hunter65 06-10-2011 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by anndankev (Post 1061786)
what a way to meet a guy, Prince Charming?

Hahaha can't remember I was only 16 and was more worried about my horse. :D

ShezaCharmer 06-10-2011 09:14 PM


Originally Posted by Hunter65 (Post 1061791)
Hahaha can't remember I was only 16 and was more worried about my horse. :D

Yah you WERE 16 so you should have galloped off with him on your little welshie and rode into the sunset:lol: thats every young girls dreams and you had the opportunity too!

Delfina 06-10-2011 10:08 PM

Strangest ride would probably be the day the neighbor's dog decided it wanted pig for dinner.

I was riding my then 4yr old in my trainer's arena, I was alone as she was ill and was just going to have a quiet walk only ride as my horse needed a break in his training. All of a sudden the neighbor's dog decided their piglets, who are penned right on the other side of the arena looked yummy and went after them. Holy cow, who knew a pigs could scream like that!

I am trying to keep my terrified gelding from falling apart, pigs are screaming, the dog has one pinned and their other dog is barking it's fool head off. Their sheep and chickens are going bonkers, their ancient bomb-proof horses are viewing the chaos as free entertainment. :? I'm stuck, if I yell at the dog, my horse will lose it completely and dump me. I can't get off and go get the neighbors because I'd have to go past their dogs and the pig-killing dog is not friendly, had a run-in with him previously when he went after my horse and there is absolutely nobody around. I can't get off and hope someone comes because my horse who is remarkably un-spooky under saddle, is beyond spooky on the ground and he's so worked up that if I get off, he's going to lose it completely and there's a good chance of him running me over.

Finally, the neighbor's hear their pigs (they must be hard of hearing.... half the state heard the screaming I'm sure!) so the Mom and kids come out. The Mom stands on the back porch screaming at the top of her lungs at the kids. Brilliant, just brilliant, that was about all my horse needed to finally lose it, so I'm off on a wild ride, stupid pigs are still screaming as although the dog got dragged off, the kids are now chasing them in circles. :shock:

Kids finally stop chasing the pigs and I got him under control. So much for my nice, quiet ride! :? Thankfully said dog attacked their sheep a few nights later and they got rid of it after that. :D

DraftyAiresMum 06-13-2011 11:11 PM

I haven't had any "wild" rides, but I did have a couple of "Wow, really?!" moments while exercising my grandma's neighbor's horse. She had five horses at the time: three belgian drafts (King, Jasper and Beau), a 16hh black QH ex-roping gelding named Tar, and a 14.3hh chestnut paint mare named Tonka. The belgians were unrideable (well, Jasper was rideable, but he hadn't been ridden in YEARS, she didn't have a saddle that would fit him, and I couldn't ride bareback) and Tar had an injury that made him unrideable (got tangled in the fencing of my grandparents' house trying to get to their plum tree while it had fruit on it and tore his coronet up), so I got to ride Tonka. She was 14 and pretty much bomb-proof. She had been a girl's barrel horse, but they sold her because she was "too slow." Anyway, a few strange things happened while I rode around the neighbor's 40 acres...

First, the belgians and Tar would follow us in an impromptu "dude string" when we rode. It was not uncommon to look out in the field and see me on little Tonka being followed by four big geldings arranged in order of height (Tar, Beau, Jasper and finally King, who was about 18hh). Part of the neighbor's property was right next to the local feed store and people (customers and employees) would line the fence when they saw us coming so they could watch us as we rode by. It's funny now, but it was beyond embarrassing to a 13-year-old girl.

The second strange thing that happened was one day when Tonka was in heat. I was riding her like normal and all of a sudden Tar came out of nowhere and tried to mount Tonka...with me on her back!! I luckily had a riding crop with me (Tonka was unbelievably lazy) and was able to beat him off us, but he followed us even more closely the entire rest of the time we rode.

Third thing that happened was rather random, actually...we were riding in the small field (about an acre fenced off next to the highway where Tonka was usually turned out 'cuz, unless she was under saddle, she didn't like the boys) and all of a sudden Tonka got it into her head to trot down one fenceline. She had the smoothest trot ever, so it was actually fun. Then, we turned the corner to the fenceline along the highway and she decided to canter. Again, very smooth, so it was fun, but I'd never trotted before that day, much less cantered. Then, we got to the next corner, she turns and all of a sudden it's like she's back in the arena running barrels. She took off at a dead gallop down the fenceline. I was hanging onto the horn for dear life (I know now that that was a BAD idea, but I didn't know better then...I thought that's what it was for!). It wouldn't have been so bad, but between the corner where she started galloping and the next corner there was a 5ft deep, 10ft across ditch that cut across the property along the back fenceline (about 15-20ft from the back fence). Tonka barely even slowed down! She jumped down into the ditch, scrambled out the other side, reached the back fenceline and trotted down it like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

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