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DSJ46 06-10-2011 07:19 PM

Dangerous Advice Part II: The Gorey Details
A few weeks ago, I posted about Rick Gore's ridiculous advice to eschew horse riding helmets. He actually went so far as to say that they "do more harm than good, and horse riding helmets are bad, people." (He claims they make riders overconfident.) He also rants against women in nearly all of his vids, saying they are incompetent with horses. Well, he finally pissed off the wrong woman. See this link:

Liz Castelli - Another Petty Stalking Horse Knowitall

Now you will notice that this is on his webpage, so it is his point of view, but if you google the guy, you will find that he is known for calling horse women "barn witches" and that his favorite retort to anyone disagreeing with him is "I hope your horse kicks you in the head." And he says such things to detractors in some of his vids and in replys to comments. So I doubt his "replys" listed on the site are accurate, and I imagine her vicious tone is from someone who has just had enough of this jerk.

At any rate, I was delighted to see that she got youtube to take down his very dangerous video on helmets!

(And no, I am not the secret Dr. Nikki... ; )

DSJ46 06-10-2011 07:24 PM


DSJ46 06-10-2011 07:28 PM

Idiocy, Part II

Jessskater 06-10-2011 08:15 PM

I think this guy fell of a horse one to many times without a helmet :-)
Very interesting post, thanks for sharing.

Iseul 06-10-2011 08:36 PM

Although I don't agree with his reasoning for not wearing a helmet much (I don't, but that's my own business), "Dr. Nikki" had no decent reason to say what she did, call names, continue to escalate the situation, or use a fake name (of which could actually be someone else's name).
From what I understand, if he found out who she was (which is actually relatively easy if she has used this email from a computer of hers) he could easily sue her for harassment of some sort, slander (I think), etc. I won't say that for sure though, because I'm not particularly knowledgable about court cases and such.
I do understand though that from my point of view, she was the one in the wrong. No self-respecting, notable doctor (that I'd ever call as such) would be so low as to do what she has. So he says stupid things on a YouTube account, so what? She doesn't have to listen to that, it's his opinion and it's his right to freedom of speech to say so. I've not watched any of his other videos (aside from the first one posted in this thread three posts up), I cannot comment on his views of women, female riders/BOs/BMs, etc, but that's also his own opinion. He can say it all he wants, people can disagree with him all they want, but no amount of disagreeing and arguing can change a male's mind that is set in his own opinion. If he were to say I'm incompetent/a barn witch/etc to my face, I would tell him straight up what was on my mind about that comment. But, alas, he is only online, and there's no reason to waste time over his opinions that aren't in direct correlation to my life.
But, I can see why he thinks helmets make riding more dangerous since many people I know in fact get the "superman ego"-thing he is talking about and get more hurt than they would have gotten had they not worn a helmet and stayed more precautious. I would suggest a helmet to any new rider and would not go around saying to not wear one because you could become some over-confident, egotistical freak and get killed (despite wearing that life-saving helmet), but I agree to a point..From what I heard in his video (only one I've watched, so I'm only commeting on this specific video), he stated that he was not condoning the non-use of a helmet, but just explaining his opinion on them and why people endorse them.
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LikeIke17 06-10-2011 08:46 PM

Well.... can't say I've ever heard that before, with that perspective. I like my helmet. Regardless of who endorses the studies and yada yada yada, stats are stats. Plus... I feel weird without it. :) Not making this a debate by the way, just my thoughts.

DSJ46 06-10-2011 08:47 PM

I do suspect, Iseul, that he is misrepresenting the situation and that he was the one harassing her to begin with and that these are her angry responses. Gore also has a reputation of having his youtube and website fans harrass those who write to him with disagreements. As I said before, this thing is from Gore's perspective, and he is a ranter a raver and a dangerous voice in the horse world. I think it's good to speak out against his type: he gives dangerous advice and sets dangerous examples for many foolish enough to listen to him. A counter voice is needed.

His whole idea behind helmets is that anyone who wears one will be more foolish because of it. I.E. "You wear a helmet, you are a bad and foolish rider." I am sure this is true of only a very small percentage of riders. But if one person eschews a helmet because he says they are bad and suffers a head injury, there is blood on his hands...

Dr. Nikki or no, my goal is to make people aware of this bad Gore medicine. I am not trying to defame him or harm him in any way, but simply to speak against a dangerous opinion that a lot of people are listening to.

DSJ46 06-10-2011 08:55 PM

And in this new set of videos, the message is somewhat softened.

Iseul 06-10-2011 08:56 PM

Ahh, that may make a bit more sense, lol.
Although, I still stand by that she would have even responded, especially with such choice words. I cannot comment on his part in whole because I am unaware, bu I can note what I feel is wrong with how she handled the situation (regardless of who started it, who was harassing who, etc).
I just feel that, as a doctor with 2 master degrees (showing atleast a rough estimate of her age and supposed maturity le), that she should have (would have?) either not replied, not called names, not wished ill (seeing him in the ICU, etc), using a fake name, be willingto take down/block her YouTube videos, etc.
I'm only 17, and even I wouldn't have done something with such immaturity, save that I am more mature than quite a few at my age. But meh, isn't really my issue..just my thoughts. I do apologise for not even reading the OP and only skimming though, bad on my part. :p
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Allison Finch 06-10-2011 08:58 PM

What an uneducated dork. Someone needs to throw chlorine into his gene pool. Or, wait a while and he will be taken out naturally.

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