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steedaunh32 06-10-2011 11:50 PM

When do you feed?
So we moved and I'll be going from full care board with pasture turnout to self-care with dry lot turnout. The new barn is less than 2 minutes from our house, but I'm trying to avoid having to go multiple times a day. The barn manager won't feed but will turn out in the morning, so if I did that my mare would have free choice hay all day (dry turnout) until I got there in the evening to grain her. My concern though is that if I go down in the evenings, whether just to feed, to groom, to ride, she won't be focused because all she'll be thinking about is food and I don't want her to associate seeing me at night to food only and not focus on what we might be working on. The only other thing I can think of is going down in the morning, feeding and turning her out myself, then going back in the evenings to ride, bring her in, etc. I don't know, self-care is a new concept to me! We live in the high desert in California so right now riding in the evenings is the best bet. What do you self-carers do? When do you feed?

cakemom 06-10-2011 11:53 PM

We feed twice a day, ours are pastured other than when about 3 hours a day stalled. We do NOT feed at regular times...I know some feel you should but it was making my mare unbearable around feed time, so I feed around my riding schedule...and it works for us.
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Beauseant 06-11-2011 05:52 AM

We do self care. I wouldn't want it any other way. I am a control freak, so boarding at a full care facility would drive me nuts. I have alot of money wrapped up in my two horses, and I like to have total say over their care, feeding and turnout.

My farm is 10 miles from my home. My horses are allowed only 6 hours of pasture time, the rest on dry lot. our current schedule is: turnout at 6 am. 11 am they are either put back on dry lot or brought in to their stalls if it is hot(no shade or run in on dry lot pasture) they are grained at about 5 pm by us only, then groomed/sprayed and either turned out on grass for two more hours, taken to the pond for some swimming, ridden or ground work done or a combo of the above.

The farm owner will throw hay when needed, turn the horses out to pasture, bring them in to their stalls when needed and unfreeze their indoor water buckets in the winter. She would also feed them if we premixed their evening feed.

currently, BO is turning them out into grass pasture at 6 am. on weekends and days she doesn't work, she also brings them back in to the dry lot or stalls them on hot days at 11 am. When she works, we have to go to the farm at 11 to bring them in/stall them. we then go back to the farm at 4 pm to grain, ride, groom, muck, take them swimming etc..and like to give them 2 more hours of grass time.

In summation: some days we make two trips to the farm, some days only one.

we do not grain our

horses at the exact same time each day, but we do keep feedings within a time frame of 2 they will be grained anytime from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

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