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CowgirlsR4Ever300 06-12-2011 10:00 PM

blinged aluminum stirrups?
I was wondering if anyone here has had or ever looked into buying "bling" aluminum stirrups?
Or the wool saddle blankets that have bling on them, and was wondering how they would hold up with "wear and tear":-)
Thank you for responses in advance

Tennessee 06-12-2011 10:02 PM

Subscribing to this because I am very curious myself! :)

CowgirlsR4Ever300 06-13-2011 06:29 AM

And another thing I just learnt about. Belt bridles. Anyone have experience with those?
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reiningfan 06-13-2011 01:06 PM

I have experience with blinged stirrups. Go with quality. Razzle Tack has crystal stirrups that I would recommend.
They need to use a good quality adhesive. Also, if you live, like I do, somewhere that gets very cold winters, take them off your saddle and store them inside when you aren't using them.
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gigem88 06-13-2011 01:13 PM

Don't know if this helps. For my show blanket I sewed a sequined fleur de lis, it h as held up very well.

CowgirlsR4Ever300 06-22-2011 03:27 AM

Just so I don't have to start a new thread. What kind of paint would a person want to use to paint a aluminum stirrup?
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