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ItzKayley 06-13-2011 10:04 AM

English & Western Together?
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Lately I have been reading about western and english riding, the differences and the activities, I love both of them!

Some days I just feel like western, other days I feel like english. I have barrels if I wanted to try barrel racing, but I also have been attempting to jump and could also easily set up a jumping course.
I don't show or anything since I'm not into that side of it, I ride for pure enjoyment.

My question is, does it matter what saddle etc your in? I don't really like western saddles as I learnt to ride in one and just kept grabbing the horn for support, (Bad habbit much?). I rode in a stock saddle for a bit over a year and only just got an all purpose.

Here's a photo of us with our gear:

Attachment 66328

Sorry I have no photos of the saddle, it's just a kincade all purpose. :)

Sunny 06-13-2011 10:26 AM

It all depends on what you're doing! :-)

For jumping, an English is most likely the better choice as it is lighter and there is no horn to block you from getting into a correct two-point. A horn can be dangerous as if a horse overjumps it's easy to get jabbed. Also, Western saddles tend to have deeper seats so it can be more difficult to get up and out of the saddle. However, popping over a few smalls logs and jumps is just fine in Western. Anything bigger than that, though, is best done in an English saddle.

On the other hand, for barrel racing it is preferable to use Western as it does a better job at holding you in around sharp turns. However, I have barrel raced in my English saddle at many fun shows and never had a problem.

If you're just playing around the farm then you're fine either way. It only really comes into play when you start getting competitive or you start jumping higher, turning sharper, etc.

Just use whatever you feel most comfortable. :D
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ItzKayley 06-13-2011 10:35 AM

Okay, thanks for the advice! :)

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