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steedaunh32 06-13-2011 11:58 PM

Help - I just can't pull the trigger!
Ok I'm in the market for another horse and have been for a solid few months. This will be the 3rd horse I've owned but the first one I've really bought "on my own". I was basically hand-held with the last two by very experienced horse people who really guided me through the process of looking, testing, evaluating, etc. eventually purchasing and owning. Now however, my husband and I have moved to an area where I really don't know many horse people and am kind of on my own in my search, and I just can't pull the trigger. I've looked at several really great horses and have asked a million questions but I just have this fear of being taken for a ride so-to-speak, or that I'm going to get a horse home and find out I made a bad decision and/or was lied to. I guess I'm also hesitant because I'm afraid a better horse is going to come along (I know this is stupid). Any advice??

corinowalk 06-14-2011 12:33 AM

In this situation, I always recommend a rescue. A rescue isn't going to let you go home with a horse that is too much for you. A rescue will often let you foster for a month or two before finalizing the adoption. A rescue can provide you with resources that your average horse owner isn't going to offer.

Not to mention that rescues are full to bursting and could always use the room. If you post your location, I am sure a few members here can direct you in the right way to go.

smrobs 06-14-2011 12:52 AM

OP, that is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. It's better to be cautious and spend a longer time finding the right horse rather than just jumping in and realizing that the water is 30 feet deep and filled with sharks.

Cori, I hadn't even thought about rescues, that would probably be a very good place to start. A member here (can't remember who for the life of me) just got a horse from a rescue that has some very serious and good training on him. Because of the market, the rescues end up with so much more than just junk horses. There are some very nice, very well trained horses going to them simply because there isn't anywhere else for them to go.

And, OP, if you are ever just a bit curious about a horse you are looking to buy, you can always post here with pictures/video and a description and get some more experienced eyes on things.

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