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QuickStep 06-14-2011 12:50 PM

Critique my Warmblood Mare, video over fences!

Hi everyone :)

She is a 7 year old Warmblood Mare imported from Germany, I posted some pics a while ago and have a video now. The video was a couple of months ago, coming out of the winter, so the jumps aren't that high but we are working back up to 3'6 to show in the hunters.

Could you please critique her, and tell me what you think of her trot as well (floaty, not floaty?) near the end its only a couple of seconds.

Disregard the chip in PLEASE! haha completely my fault and we try not to have those kind of distances very often lol.

Also critique my eq if yu want...Coming out of the winter we had been focusing on strengthening her hind end and getting her to work off my leg better so Eq was not something that I was concentrating on.. I notice that I need to pick up my hand a little more, and try not to jump ahead sometimes (just slightly?) Do you agree? What else could I work on? How does my leg look!

Thanks :D

~*~anebel~*~ 06-14-2011 03:28 PM

A giant pet peeve of mine is people claiming that because they are focusing on the horse, their eq isn't great. This is like saying I forgot where my feet were when fell down because I was focused on walking up the stairs. Influencing the horse to go correctly and your eq are hand in hand, practically the same thing.
I see a horse running through a course on her forehead and the rider being a passenger. Were it not for her naturally large stride and all the speed she has you would not be getting your spots or striding. You are leaning forward and putting her on her forehand. Yes the horse can jump, now it is time for plenty of remedial work (read - dressage and flat work) to get you sitting correctly, and the horse actually uphill and collected and balanced. When the rider is sitting correctly and riding effectively, only then can the horse go to his best ability, and at that point the height of the jumps does not matter. Jumping over and over and over again does not serve to train the horse or help him progress up in fence heights, correct riding, systematic training and conditioning with jumping practice is what does.

Good luck!
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equiniphile 06-14-2011 03:49 PM

She is a very nice mare, but I agree with Anabel on the fact that you are riding her in a way that puts her on the forehand and makes her struggle to keep her weight balanced. Lots of work on the flat should help this. Keep us updated with her progress!

gypsygirl 06-14-2011 04:18 PM

you can ride in a forward seat with out putting your horse on its forehand, but it takes a lot of time and building of muscle. in this video your horse is not on her hind end, so her jump is pretty plain. she looks like a nice horse and getting her balanced into the fences will bring out the pretty jump that im sure she has.

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