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ChingazMyBoy 06-15-2011 01:28 AM

Huge Contest *Entries Only*
Hey all,

Entries have now been opened, please read everything below to make sure that you follow all the rules and so that you do not get disqualified.

How To Enter :

You are allowed to enter as many different horses as you like per class. However - only one photo per horse. Please make sure the photo is good quality, as blurry - pixlated photos make it harder for our judges.

Please include the following details when you post your entries:
- Class Name AND Number.
- Horses Name
- Riders Name
- If you do not own the horse. Please state this - otherwise elimination. You
must know the horse it cannot be a picture you have taken off the internet (Google, etc).
- Any extra class details.

JUDGING : For each class I need three judges so if your willing to judge in one or several classes, please PM me - there are some classes still needing judges. Please PM with classes you would like to judge and I will let you know if there is a space.

For this contest to run smoothly, all the judges must be willing to get their "choices" in on time.

How Judging Works :
I have made the choice that all of the forum should get a say. Therefore, the judging process may be slightly complicated. In each class, the forum community will choose their top five choices. By voting for ONE entry on a poll I will construct once entries close. This poll will be open for one week. Then, the top five choices I will then send onto the judges. Each of these top five will be rated by each judge and emailed back to me. Including a small comment on why they have given the entry this rating.

I will then work out the totals, and place the results of 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each class including the judges comments.

PRIZES: I am considering prizes, if I can get enough people together to do these. So if anyone is willing to do a drawing for 1st place please message me -of course we would need several people willing to do this.

- Prizes -if any- will be arranged by the end of the judging.

ENTRIES: Only one picture, per class. You may enter as many classes as you like!

For classes to run there must be at least 5 people entering.


1. Highest Jump (Needs picture AND height)
2. Widest Jump (Needs picture AND width)

Form (Jumping) – Either X/C or S/J jump:
3. Rider – Under 2ft
4. Horse– Under 2ft
5. Rider – 2ft – 3ft
6.Horse 2ft – 3ft
7. Rider - 3ft – 4ft
8. Horse 3ft – 4ft
9. Rider – 4ft +
10. Horse - 4ft +

Form (Dressage):
Definition of form: Paces - Freedom and Regularity
Impulsion - Desire to move forward, Elasticity of steps, suppleness of back and engagement of hind quarters.
Submission - Attention and confidence, harmony, lightness and ease of movements, acceptance of the bridle.
Riders Position and Seat - Correctness and effect of the aids.

11. Rider – Under the age of 15
12. Rider – Under the age of 30
13. Rider – 30+

14. Driven Miniature Class-
15. Driven Pony Class-
16. Driven Horse Class-
17. Diven Draft Class-

18. Free Lunged
19. Lungline - Action Shot -
20. Lungeline-Yearling
21. Lungeline-2yo
22. Lungeline – 3yo +

23. Athletic Pasture Shot
24. Best Bond – Horse/Person
25. Best Bond – Horse/Horse
26. Best Silly Shot
27. Worst Position – Flat
28. Worst Position – Jump
29. Action Shot -
30. Fall/Fail –
31. Bareback – Flat
32. Bareback – Over Fence
33. Best Rear
34. Best Kick
35. Cutest foal
36. Cutest Pony
37. Cutest Horse
38. Costume – Youth
39. Costume – Adult
40. Horse Trick

Western Classes
41. Western Pleasure-Junior horse/pony
42. Western Pleasure-Senior horse/pony
43. Western Pleasure-Junior Youth (12 years and under.
44. Western Pleasure-Senior Youth (13 years and over but not exceeding 18 years.)
45. Western pleasure-Adults
46. Barrel Racing Shot - Adult
47. Barrel Racing Shot – Youth
48. Flagging Shot - Adult
49. Flagging Shot - Youth
50. Pole Bending Shot- Ault
51. Pole Bending Shot - Youth
52. Reining – Adult
53. Reining - Youth

54. Trail-Junior Youth
55. Trail-Senior Youth
56. Trail-Adults
57. Trail-Junior Horse
58. Trail-Senior Horse
59. Trail-Yearling Led
60. Trail-2yo Led.

61. Showmanship-Yearling
62. Showmanship-Junior Youth
63. Showmanship-Senior Youth
64. Showmanship-Amateur

65. Halter-Quarter Horse
66. Halter-Paint Horse
67. Halter-Paint Bred
68. Halter-Appaloosa
69. 14.2 pony and under.
70. 14.3 to 16 hands horse.
71. 16 hands + class.

72. Head Shot
73. Body Shot
74. Artistic Shot
75. Black and White
76. Photoshopped

Marlea Warlea 06-15-2011 01:42 AM

i will enter soon :)

Do the photography classes have to be horses?

ChingazMyBoy 06-15-2011 01:44 AM


Originally Posted by Marlea Warlea (Post 1065621)
i will enter soon :)

Do the photography classes have to be horses?

Yes they do. (:

Marlea Warlea 06-15-2011 01:45 AM

ok thanks... i will post as SOON as i find my adapter lol

howsecrazy 06-15-2011 02:24 AM

So do we put our photos on here ?

UnrealJumper 06-15-2011 02:26 AM

do the dressage classes have to be in a dressage saddle? Or will you also allow flat work in a H/J saddle?

howsecrazy 06-15-2011 03:10 AM

can you enter the same photo twice. e.g. Cutest horse and head shot. ??

ChingazMyBoy 06-15-2011 03:33 AM

Photos go here. You can enter the same photo twice.

Any saddle is fine (:

ItzKayley 06-15-2011 08:29 AM

Will enter mine after I get some photos this week. :P

fuadteagan 06-15-2011 04:06 PM

26. Best Silly Shots
Jack--A miniature horse gelding. He is not mine, my barns.
Pictures are all by me.
Secret--A morganx rescue mare, I spent 3 years riding her. She is not mine, my barns. And my true love.
36. Cutest Pony
Archie--a MINI gelding. Cutest thing on earth. He is one naughty boy. Not mine, my barns.
Eclipse-- A appaloosa "pony" (hasn't matured fully yet, 3 1/4 and he is only 13.3 so still counts)
More to come but I want to do another post..

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