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imctcm 06-19-2011 04:56 PM

Headshaking Resource Site
Hello All!
Due to the fact, that the number of horses suffering from headshaking (correct term Trigeminal Neuralgia), I think, it might be a good idea to post my Headshaking Resource Website all over again.
I started working on the site almost 10 years ago, published it for the first time 2 years later, the work has never stopped; maybe you find some valuable information and answers to your questions, if your horse suffers the same problem..

Be assured, am not posting to gain more biz, but to spread information.. sadly, it is still an unknown disease to many vets and owners.
If you have any questions, donít be shy to contact me..

Regards, IMC

PS: hope this post is not going to be deleted... I do believe it's very important to spread the info!

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