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Lonannuniel 06-19-2011 08:54 PM

Grass and feed combinations
Hey guys! the time has come, and I'm bringing my horse home at the end of the month. Both his previous owner and I have kept him at a boarding stable.

At the place he is now, he is on pasture during the day, and fed hay & alfalfa cubes at night ( in a stall ). There isn't alot of grass where he is now, just enough to keep him munching throughout the day ( if that makes sense).He is doing well on his current diet, but there will be a few changes once at my house.

We have ALOT of grass available, and I have created a separate pasture with less grass, that will eventually be eaten down to create an area for him to go so he isn't eating THAT much grass all day. anyway, i was just wondering if I should keep feeding him hay & alfalfa cubes, in combination with the grass, or if I should eliminate certain portions, such as no hay, only alfalfa cubes + grass, or just grass.

any advice would be appreciated! thanks!

Left Hand Percherons 06-20-2011 10:49 AM

If he's currently getting 1/2 of his forage from the grass, (he's getting roughly 10# hay and cubes or less), I wouldn't worry about needing to transition him. Just kick him out. Most horse once they get on good grass won't bother with hay and it will just be wasted if you do try to feed it.

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