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kitten_Val 06-21-2011 01:04 PM

Breakaway halter - can it damage the neck/back?
Sorry if it sounds stupid but... I know horse can damage neck and/or back by pulling back while tied. I had an "accident" when my horse tied in trailer pulled back like crazy towards opened doors (yes, I KNOW it's a big no-no, but the helper opened them wide before I untied the horse, and I noticed it only when the horse suddenly spooked and started to pull out). So basically the breakaway halter broke and she kinda sled off the trailer butt forward and flipped over. Could she damage the back or neck? What signs should I look for? I'm thinking about riding her today to see if she's sore anywhere there.

Vet is coming beginning of next week (for the shots), so I gonna ask him to check her out too just in case.

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