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Marlea Warlea 06-24-2011 12:14 AM

INDAIN PONIES (an all new adventure)

The morning was Sunny in Red deer Canada, and four Indian girls were out, brushing their horses. Four Sisters, Amber, Sheila, Sandy and Bloom were discussing where they would ride. Sandy (the youngest) suggested they go to the southern end of the desert. She loved that place most. The three others agreed, and jumped on their ponies bareback.
Sheila was riding her magnificent tall Chestnut, General; Bloom was riding her also very tall horse, which was black as ebony and stunning as a rose, his name was Nicola. Amber was riding her gorgeous pony named Pony, and Sandy was riding her adorable fat skewbald, Magic. After they left the camp sight, Sandy and Amber trotted happily while Sheila and Bloom raced ahead, trying to prove who the strongest and most capable rider was. After half an hour of galloping and jumping, they proved that they were both just as capable as each other, and each horse was as fast as fast could be. “Phew, I’m puffed,” Sheila said to her sister patting General’s sweaty neck. Bloom looked as if she was about to snicker, but instead looked towards a shady tree “look, there’s a place to rest,” She says, “race you there!” She says to Sheila. Sheila hesitated, but then saw the adventure in her sister’s eyes, “You’re on,” She replied giving General a nudge. And with that both girls were golloping once again.
Sandy and Amber smiled at each other and rolled their eyes, what is it with big sisters and racing? They both thought.
Once they were all under the shade of the tree they immediately felt sleepy, and within minutes they were all asleep

“THE PONIES ARE GONE!!!!” Sheila only just managed to role out of the way of a jumping screaming Sandy. It took a few seconds before the words sunk in. “What!?” Sheila exclaimed jumping up. And looking at her sisters shocked face, she looked around and noticed that General was the only one there.
“Girls get up, we have to find the ponies,” Sheila said seriously to the two girls only just waking up. “Don’t be silly,” Bloom yawned “There just over th…” Bloom trailed off, “NICOLA!!!” She yelled. “PONY!” cried Amber, “Oh Magic,” Sandy said in a whisper.
“Girls get on; we must go and find them,” Sheila said as she helped each girl up onto her horse.
Sheila got up her self, and nudged General into a slow canter.
After what seemed like hours of searching for clues, Sheila pulled up General and got off.
“Sandy, you might want to come and see this.”
Sandy practically flew off General and ran over to where her big sister was standing; she was holding a brown and white feather, with a smudge of blue paint on it, “Magic’s feather!” Sandy exclaimed taking the feather from her sister, for a moment she smiled, then her face drooped and she looked up to her sister with sad eyes, Sheila smiled weakly and tried to console her sister, “See they can’t be too far now,” She said trying to comfort her little sister, but deep down she knew she was actually trying to reassure her self just as much as she was trying to reassure her sister

They travelled further and further into the hot desert until they came across a few small logs… “Oooohhhhhhhhhhh… Shinny!” Sandy said in awe. “Shinny?” Replied Sheila replied, “sandy, there’s nothing shinny here, just lots of logs and red sand. But Sandy was determined “SHINNY!!!” she continued. “Sheila wait,” Amber said above the racket of the oldest sister and the youngest sister fighting about shinny things.
“I think Sandy might be on to something, look!” She pointed toward a small log and in a chip there was something gleaming.
Sheila leaped of General and walked over to the mysterious glow. She picked up a small gemstone.

not done yet... i started writing this in year 4 haha

Koolio 06-27-2011 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by Marlea Warlea (Post 1074761)

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]The morning was Sunny in Red deer Canada,

It is interesting that you use Red Deer Canada (which is in Alberta) as your setting. Red Deer is a moderate sized community (almost 100,000 people) about 150 km south of here. While it is flat, the landscape is lush prairie and boreal forest rather than desert. Farther south and a bit to the east near Medicine Hat is more desert-like. Drumhellar is also semi-desert and is nestled in the "badlands" which is not only home to terrific deposits of dinosaur fossils, but is also known for its unique and interesting geological land formations.

Marlea Warlea 06-27-2011 10:37 PM

OK cool. i live in australia and my teacher said just to write that. Anyway apart from that did you like it?

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