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Ladybug2001 06-23-2011 11:38 PM

Symptoms of...?
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My mare today is acting very odd. She was declared "open" about three months ago, the last time she was exposed to a stallion was before we bought her three months ago, and her youngest foal is 8-10 months old.

Though, the foals that were nursing off her were weaned two months prior to me getting her, so she hasn't been nursed off for about five months.

Today I noticed she was dripping milk, her udder is still firm, warm, and definately full. Then later today I seen she had a small wax build up, and I was like "okay?".

Way before I noticed all this, she had gotten into a fight with a barbed wire and lost. My mom and I got things to dress the wound, we did so and it obviously helped as she was walking a lot easier. We started walking back toward the house and as usual she followed us.

This mare loves attention, so we couldn't resist stopping and petting her. My mom suggested picking up the fence she had knocked over since my dad didn't. We started to, and I noticed the mare was acting very uncomfortable.
  • Holding her head low.
  • Stomping her back hoof toward her stomach.
  • Elevating her tail, swishing it around, and pushing it off to the side.
  • Wouldn't leave us alone, wanted all the attention in the world.
  • Was standing weird at one point, stretched out a little.
Is there anything that mimicks pregnancy in horses? I know it wasn't colic, she was eating, drinking, pooping, peeing. All the normal.

I don't want to jump into thinking the vet was wrong, so I'm going to search for something else other then pregnancy... Any suggestions?

DarkBucephalus 06-24-2011 12:23 AM

Is it possible she's experiencing a phantom pregnancy?

candandy49 06-24-2011 08:08 AM

While your mare maybe experiencing a false pregnancy I tend to suspect she may have an inflammation of her Mammary Gland, known as Mastitis. You should really have your Vet pull a sample of the milk from her udder to have it Lab tested for a precence of bacteria. The symptoms of Mastitis are as you described. It is painful and swelling is evident.

Please keep us updated....

Ladybug2001 06-24-2011 09:57 AM

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The vet is already scudueled to come out here in a week or so. Though she isn't sensitive on her udder, whether you touch it or milk her. If it is painful, wouldn't she kick out?

Alwaysbehind 06-24-2011 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by Ladybug2001 (Post 1075063)
If it is painful, wouldn't she kick out?

That depends on the horse.

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