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MaryMary 06-24-2011 07:49 PM

1) Yay for me! 2) How to use boot hooks! lol
1) Yay!!! I rode my horse in the horse show on Wednesday, adult hunter pleasure. Only seven in the class. I did a fourth in the W,T, and then in GAYP I got a second. Well, I have been struggling to canter my horse successfully due to my learning curve, his sensitive mouth, etc, so I had only cantered on him in a show once before, and that was back in October. (see my post on cantering vent if you happen to be really curious) But this week I was ready to go fot it, and I did! And I was nice and relaxed and we got the right leads and he was a GOOD boy, and we got second! And reserve Champ! I was so pleased and proud of both of us. All the hard work and perseverence does pay off!! Yay. :D

2) OK, LOL!!!:lol: I don't have zippers in my tall boots. How do you keep the first boot hook in the loop while you get the second one into ITS loop??!! Haha it took me forever. Easy to get the boots on after that ... is there a trick to this?

VelvetsAB 06-24-2011 09:29 PM

Congrats on your show!

For the boot hooks...put them in hook side to the front, then let it fall back and rest on the back of the boot. That gives you two free hands to work the other hook.

Or you can pinch them first to squish the loops, and move quickly to slide both hooks in at the same time.

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