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Barrel_racer_0 05-15-2008 06:05 PM

Me and Twinkie Spinning
I told a few people id get a video of me and my horse twinkie spinning so I did. Im not sure how to put it on here but ill put the link.

appylover31803 05-15-2008 06:10 PM

that's awesome!

Barrel_racer_0 05-15-2008 06:22 PM

Thanks :)

buckaroo2010 05-15-2008 06:38 PM

thats really cool!! :) pretty horse :D

PoptartShop 05-15-2008 09:06 PM

hehe was he dizzy? :lol: LOL! Very cute. :D

HorsesAreForever 05-15-2008 09:12 PM

very nice! haha at the end he looked a bit dizzy :P

amightytarzan5 05-21-2008 12:57 PM

i love it when they stop spinning. they look like they're saying "whoa...what happened?" it's priceless!

My2Geldings 05-21-2008 06:01 PM

I just want to throw up looking at you doing it! :shock:

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