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horsecrazy84 06-25-2011 09:46 AM

Chanti the babysitter
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Last weekend some kids came over, ranging in ages 12-5, and they wanted to ride so we saddled up Chanti and she was so patient with them. I was right there the whole time and hubby helped because watching 4 kids who are very hyper and 2 horses is hard work for one person. The next to youngest kept wanting to run behind them and we told him over and over, "NO Running!" but Chanti and Sundance both just cocked a hind foot and let the boys brush them and help with tacking them up. Then I let them on Chanti one by one and put her on the lunge line. All of them wanted to trot and the youngest said "I wanna go fast!" LOL He loved it and it was his first ride ever but he did very good. Every time I asked her to trot with the younger ones I'd tell her "Easy trot" and she'd do her little jog trot that is very smooth. The oldest had his turn and once I knew he had the basic commands down we put her sidepull on and I unclipped the lunge line so he could ride her. At first she wanted to follow me but he got her going away and he rode around the field while Auren rode Sundance.
He wanted to get her going faster and I had said just a walk and trot and he was clucking and kissing and using his legs to try to get her faster and Chanti did a nice medium trot and settled into that speed. I knew she wouldn't do anything over a trot lol. The next to oldest rode her by himself next but he couldn't really get her to do what he wanted. So finally I put her on the line again and coached him and let him steer and such after that.
They got a break for a couple hours and then the older boys wanted to ride again and at that point my little 3 year old cousin was there and she wanted to ride too. She's rode Chanti a lot on the lunge line and she knows to hold onto the horn and she even knows to say "Giddyup" and "whoa" lol. Chanti tolerated all the excitement very well and didn't mind when the reins were pulled a little too tight or she was kicked in the butt as they climbed on. At one point she leaned her head against me and blew out a big sigh lol.

Goodbye13lueSky 06-26-2011 10:56 PM

these are cute :)

tinyliny 06-26-2011 11:36 PM

Horse are often extra specially kind to children. Amazing how they know.

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