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huggingchester 06-25-2011 02:54 PM

would you please help me at looking at this fillys dam and sire
I'm thinking of buying this filly well,if you were me would you buy her based on her parents?
Zippos Lucky Dawn is her dam heres a link
Mares - BayDream Farm
her sire is Stallion - BayDream Farm

hers the filly is raven For Sale - BayDream Farm

BansheeBabe 06-25-2011 06:57 PM

These are not the greatest pictures and I couldnt really see the dams body but her head and neck looked good to me and I loved the sire, though again it was hard to see his body. But besides her parents, I think the filly looks nice, with good conformation. If I were you, I'd defiantly buy.

lilruffian 06-25-2011 07:54 PM

Cant tell anything about the dam because the pics are no good, but she is quite wide in her front end. Pretty girl though
As for the sire, he's a handsome fella. Dont see any really bad faults...back might be a tad long and a little butt high but it's hard to tell with the pictures.

Faceman 06-25-2011 10:02 PM

There is a red flag there you might want to check out. They just bought the dam in 2008 and she is for sale already. As a former breeder, I can tell you breeders are very reluctant to part with good broodmares. They evidently aren't happy with her production for one reason or another. Everything might be OK, but if it were me, to be on the safe side, I would check out her production just to make sure there is not some transparent issue she is passing on...

kaydeebug 06-26-2011 02:12 PM

the dams sires side is amazing breeding. the stud is beautiful the only good breeding was hancock thats really popular. and i also dont think the filly will stay that color. as she gets older shell prob shd into a roan. i use a thing called the horse color calculator and give you all the genetics and colors the foal should turn into ill send oyou what i got
these statics are from the dam and sire of raven and these are the colors she may turn out to be

14.58% -

Buckskin Roan
14.58% -

14.58% -

Bay Roan
14.58% -

8.33% -

Palomino Roan
8.33% -

8.33% -

Chestnut Roan
8.33% -

2.08% -

Smoky Blue Roan
2.08% -

Smoky Black
2.08% -

Blue Roan
2.08% -


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