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horseluver2435 06-25-2011 10:11 PM

First time in a Hunter Hack class- tips?
I am going to an open show next weekend and my instructor is having me do a hunter hack class- at our shows, this consists of a canter circle, two small (2' cross poles) jumps, hand galloping, and then a flat class. I know my horse won't have issues as far as the jumping goes, but I'm super inexperienced with jumping- I've only ever jumped my horse, and she's rather inexperienced as well- so are there any tips for me?

I'm pretty excited to do this, but also a bit nervous, as we're both green to jumping & it's one of the bigger shows at our local circuit. I'm hopefully getting videos from our lesson Wednesday, but in the meantime, what should I keep in mind?

Blah, sorry for the ramble. I'm equal parts nervous & excited.

horseluver2435 06-29-2011 03:15 PM

Alright, photos from today. Note, first time jumping this high for both myself & my horse. Please just critique me, not my horse.

Flat pic:

First time over it, excuse our trot...

Over again:

More of a canter over than a jump:

While it's from the front, this was actually one of the better jumps, I'm put out that I don't have a better picture:

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