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Spastic_Dove 06-26-2011 09:11 PM

Beginner Novice Test B? Tips?
I will be riding in my first even in a few weeks, and we will be riding BN test B. I was just looking for some tips on riding the test as well as what are they looking for at this level?

I have been working on making my 20m circles round as oppose to amoeba shaped, and am still having difficulty figuring out when to make my turns across the diagonal.

Mostly though, I would like to know what the average judge would be looking for in this type of test other than what it says on the sheet.

I think I'm more nervous about my dressage score than I am the other phases of the competition so any words of wisdom would be lovely :)

kitten_Val 06-26-2011 09:24 PM

SD, is it same as Intro "B" in dressage?

Spastic_Dove 06-26-2011 09:26 PM

That's a good question. Here's the test: http://www.missoulaequestrianpark.or...Beg_Novice.pdf

It says USEF Beginner Novice B... (eep. It keeps editing me to be instead of the letterB)

I'll check USDF.

kitten_Val 06-26-2011 09:31 PM

It sounds like Training level to me. I may be wrong though (as I have to draw the diagram of yours, my printouts have diagrams). From what I was told by my trainer the judge really look at roundness and transitions on Training level (I didn't ride it myself yet though, just planning for the end of summer).

Spastic_Dove 06-26-2011 09:34 PM

I'm going to have to draw this one out, I've only ever ridden A.

What makes a good quality trot and canter?

MIEventer 06-26-2011 09:38 PM

Your circles are from point to point. E 20 meter circle, you start turning at E. Your circles should be from point to point to point to point. Use your letters, and you don't go into your corners for circles.

Your diagonals start on the letter. So if you were to go M X K - you start turning at M. Outside aids. When you make your right turn at C, get into your corner, then start turning at M.

Your 20 meter circle at A - start your circle at A. Do not go into your corners. Bend your horse around your inside leg, support outside rein, and see just the corner of your horses inside eye. You touch the arena wall between F and B, you touch X and then you touch the arena wall between E and K and then A again.

The Judge is looking for a happy team. Happy horse, forward, under himself, soft. Impulsion, rhythm, engagement, opened up and moving under himself. Lofty. Good position in the rider, working together with the horse.

Ride each movement. You flub up one movement, no worries - just move onto the next.

kitten_Val 06-26-2011 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by Spastic_Dove (Post 1077471)
What makes a good quality trot and canter?

Forward (but not rushing), round horse, correct lead (of course :-) ), and correct bend on circle. At least on low levels. I bet more to it on higher levels.

kitten_Val 06-26-2011 09:39 PM

Yes, and don't panic if something goes wrong. If wrong lead - quietly move to trot and ask again.

Spastic_Dove 06-26-2011 09:46 PM

Makes sense, thanks :)

Sorry, I worded that funny. I didn't mean going into corners on my circle. But during one of the dressage lessons I had, the instructor was talking about something that when you are riding into the diagonal towards the judge you want to turn slightly before the shoulder passes the letter so it will look as if you turned at the letter. For the turns on the far side of the arena from the judge, turn as soon as the shoulder is at the letter. I may have gotten that backwards though...

Not panicking will be the real test! The great thing about this horse is he's really making me ride him correctly. He schools counter-canter with his owner, so I'm still not getting our leads 100% of the time. That'll be something to practice.

MIEventer 06-26-2011 09:48 PM

The Judge is not looking for a headset - so do not get consumed with that. The Judge will beable to see whether it is false or not, so just focus on softness and forward movement with rhythm.

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